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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Baby all well

I went for my third scan today. The babykins is growing fast, and good. Thankfully everything looks perfect, and there are no worries of any kind. I have also only gained 1kg which my doc said was excellent given that I am already almost at 15 weeks. (I didn't mention to her that I was very surprised, considering that I have eaten nothing but fast food junk for lunch for the last 3 weeks). I found out something really interesting about my doc today as well! She is actually a Canadian citizen! She was born there, her family is originally from SA, and she went back after graduating, and was a practicing GP out in Saskatchewan (a favorite destination for South African doctors) for 8 whole years. When she'd finished specialising as an obeegeewhyenn (sound out the phonics folks) she came back here. She seems so young to have a) studied so much, and b) have spent so much time abroad. She said that although she really misses the mountains and the snow, and all the good nature stuff about Canada, she missed the 'vibe' of Cape Town, and came back. But she said she'd always consider Canada her second home. I thought that was cool, as I miss the same stuff about Canada (although I was never privileged enough to have spent 8 yrs there). I will attempt to scan my latest scan, which when the doc handed me the picture she said, 'here's your picture of E.T.' Thankfully I have a sense of humour. I will post it as soon as I can. I keep wanting to end my posts with a salutation like, kind regards, or worse, your's sincerely ...but it's not email...I have to remind myself that.