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Monday, January 16, 2006

I spent ages yesterday on a great post- nice picture and everything, then I accidently hit 'discard' instead of publish... I know, I'm an idiot sometimes. The other humdinger I did today was lose my husbands remote control for our gate, and garage door. Which wouldn't really be a trainsmash if I hadn't already lost MY remote control for the same thing but a scant two days ago! Luckily, of course my husband left for work cursing and pulling really awful faces at me and using the word 'pathetic' over and over again - immediately after which of course I found the damn thing. So in revenge today instead of doing housework - at least this morning, I'm going to rebel - and go and spend the day in my friends pool, which on days like today (hot as hell would like to be) is the only place to stay sane. Posted by Picasa