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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nobody tagged me, but I''m filling it in anyway so there!

Four or more jobs you’ve had in your life: Running Shoe salesperson Optometric Assistant Summer Camp Counselor Travel Agent IT Network Administrator Four movies you could watch over and over: Contact Star Wars (all of them) LOTR (all of them) Centre Stage (and dance around the room everytime) Four places you’ve lived: Cape Town Stellenbosch Upstate New York (does 8 months in two years count as 'lived?') Hey do different suburbs in the same city count? Four TV shows you love to watch: The 4400 (why did they take it off, why WHY?) Alias Ah, yes...Smallville CSI Miami (the Horatio one) Four places you’ve been on vacation: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Holland, England, Mauritius, Germany, Hong Kong, Namibia, Botswana Four websites you visit daily: Google (geez I'm reaching here) All of your blogs! Amazon (I load that wish list baby!) Four of your favorite foods: Bacon-banana-garlic pizza (homemade) Roast Lamp with potatoes and mint sauce Chinese take out from our favourite place called "mainland" Chicken cordon bleu Four places you’d rather be: Actually nowhere, although maybe on holiday in Mauritius Four albums you can’t live without: Bon Jovi - best of (ooh, and some tracks from Aerosmith) Centre Stage Soundtrack Anything by Enya Anything by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner or Ennio Morriccone Four to pass this meme along to: Um anyone who wants to cut and paste and fill in this sucker.