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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All Scrapped Out

I didn't even have a chance to swim in the ocean or pool! It was just scrappin' all day long! 14h00: Friday - Arrived Told conference room was only available from 15h30...although the other guests had already departed... 14h15: 16 Creative Memories consultants politely demand the room to be made available. 14h16: Scrapping begins! 19h00: Go through to dinner 20h00: go back to scrapping room because dinner isn't ready yet 20h05: Eat positively GOURMET dinner. Feel bad for having complained about the wait. 20h20 - 0h30 scrap up a storm - then fall into bed o5h47: Saturday morning begin scrapping (some people had only gone to bed at 03h00... 07h00: yummy breakfast 07h05: scrapping 12h00: skip lunch to keep scrapping... 19h00: have dinner 19h20: finish whole bottle of wine by myself 19h21 - 01h45: scrapping then sleep. 06h47: Sunday, Stagger down to breakfast... 07h30 - 13h00 Scrap scrap scrap 13h30 - Lunch...depart Attempt to stay awake on the 2hr journey home.... 1.25 Albums completed! Posted by Picasa