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Friday, April 14, 2006

The Winds of Change

Michele at Wind Spirit talked of updated websites - and Spring (our Autumn) causing people to make radical changes! Such is my 'Fall (Spring)-cleaning' fever that I finally made the decision to permanently move my blog. So although I won't be deleting Brainbubbles for awhile. I will no longer be updating it. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SEATS ARE IN THE UPRIGHT POSITION AND YOUR TRAY TABLES STOWED. PLEASE HAVE YOUR COFFEE MUGS ARE IN THE DRINKABLE POSITION. Would y'all please point your links, blog-rolls and other pointable items to: (drum roll................................)
For those of you who will miss all my widgets etc on the side bar etc - I will be putting them up at Lens Queen as soon as I can figure out how!! Well, what are ya waitin' for!!? Come on over and we'll have tea!