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Monday, November 15, 2004

Ok, now I'm feeling terrible, there I was moaning about the lotto - and this morning someone was killed right here at the beach near my office this morning, by a shark.

Folks there are few things in life which scare me more than sharks. They are the reason I don't swim in the sea...EVER. I am a really good swimmer, and can spend all day in a nice crystal clear pool, but will never EVER venture further than up to my knees in the sea.

Did you know that a shark can attack in just 3 feet of water? That's like standing waist deep in the water. No thank you. I think I'll head over to the pool with the tropical bar in the middle and have my greatest worry be that I need to top up my sun cream.

Condolences to this womans family, apparently she was 70 yrs old and used to swim EVERY DAY of her life at this beach. Posted by Hello