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Saturday, November 13, 2004

First Saturday Post ever!

Popped into the office to pick up my mini album that I am working on (surrepticiously at my desk, when no one's looking...) and thought that I would send out a big weekend hello! To everyone! The hubby and I are off to a friends house for a chinese braai tonight. I.e. everyone brings their own beef & chicken strips, and the host lays on the veggies and all the soy sauce & chilli etc. Then everyone gets a chance to cook their stash at the fire with the authentic chinese tools. Can't you just see Valkyrie putting on a fake Chinese accent, waving around the choppers and flippers and acting like Jet Li, almost taking someones eye out? (Haai Ya! Waw waw!!) Ok, so maybe only after my second glass of wine. I just have to also say that the weather today, is just friggin unbeatable.