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Monday, November 15, 2004

Back Intact

Well I'm back at work, with all my fingers in tact after our Chinese braai with friends this weekend! There were six of us (3 married couples) and since the other two couples already have kids, I had to endure the obligatory 'aren't you pregnant yet?' round of questions....folks, I've only been married 4 months - gimme a break!!! The braai was pretty good, except for the fact that the guys watched the South African rugby team lose to Ireland (first time in like 35yrs) and then proceeded to drown their sorrows with several beers, so many in fact that they couldn't get the fire going properly and us 'sober' chicks had to take over. Anyway, we still got to cook outisde and go balistic with the chinese cooking tools even though it was so dark by the time we ate that we had to keep running over to the porch light to see if the meat was cooked enough yet. Too funny now that I think about it! Sunday, I spent the day in complete and utter lethargy! It was SO freakin HOT, that even with the ceiling fan on full blast, and threatening to fall down and slice our heads off, it was still too hot to even move. The hubby and I plan to put in a swimming pool in a year or two when we 'eaten' into our mortgage a bit, and have some extra cash. Until then, though I'll have to remain immobile like those desert lizards in the kalahari. OH gosh I almost forgot - I watched the season finale of my favourite show 'McLeod's Daughters' and was absolutely devastated that the bastard script writers killed off the cool sister!! It was so sad I actually cried! What on earth are they going to do to replace her?? The whole story revolved around their relationship with one another! At the risk of sounding like one of those people that lives vicariously through their favourite tv shows- I guess I'd better stop...(and go and read what happens on the net...).