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Monday, December 06, 2004

Big Strong...Couch Potatoes

These guys are from one of my favourite TV shows called "Big Strong Boys". For those of you who haven't seen it, they are basically DIY gods!! Anyway, so the hubby and I in all our worldly wisdom, decided that it would be a good idea to turn off our satellite tv for the Summer. Doing so, in order to spend more time outdoors, getting fit, going out...instead of being the slovenly couch potatoes that we have become... So of course on Saturday morning, just as I'm settling into the couch to watch the next episode of my favourite DIY show...I realise, hmmm... no more satellite. The strangest thing starts to happen...suddenly the colour that I painted the lounge/kitchen area 2 years ago is starting to bother me... Posted by Hello It suddenly overwhelms me in such a way, that before I know what I'm doing, I'm at the paint section of our local hardware store, getting paint mixed up and am halfway around the room with the roller by the time the hubby gets home from his round of golf. (!) He was a bit thrown, and unprepared for the sudden change that the lack of satellite tv has apparently wrought in me! I basically had loud thumping music on, covered in paint from head to toe and doing a wierd kind of DIY dance when he came in. Within a few minutes, the bug had infected him as well, and we were back at the hardware store buying no less than; a 2 metre work bench, a jigsaw, a mitre saw, a power drill, an orbital sander, and several other things that I don't know the function of, and we're finally getting around to doing everything that we always said we'd do. By Sunday night I was nearly done with the lounge area (just the front door section left), and the hubby had successfully sanded down our TV cabinet, and I'm nearly done white washing it. (y'know that nice whitewashed look that allows the woodgrain to show through?). I'm also going to get the the hubby to make me some scrapbooking frames, the 12x12 ones that cost a fortune in the shops that allow you to slide your pages in and out from behind the glass. I need at least three to start off with, and maybe more later. He's also keen to build me a desk especially for my crafting, so that I have somewhere to store all my goodies. Something along the lines of the Crop In Style Modular furniture. If he's any good at it, maybe I can flog a few to the stores around here... Anyway, so here's Monday morning and I am so stiff all over my body, all the painting has given me a better work out than the gym could ever! Plus we're improving our house at the same time. Yesterday, I realised that as I was painting, I had a particular tune stuck in my head, after a while, I realised that it was the theme song from 'Big Strong Boys'. Needless to say, without satellite tv, I'm not going to be able to watch them until around April, so if I can't watch 'em, I can sure be 'em.