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Friday, December 03, 2004

Dream...Dream ON.

Hmmm, I had a great dream last night. Now before y'all get excited, it was very PG. No R ratings on this one...unfortunately. I dreamed that I spent the entire night talking to yours truly pictured above. If he is anything like the persona created by my subconscious, well then he's an extremely nice guy. The dream probably has something to do with the programme that I saw all about him on the History Channel entitled 'famous'. I am now armed with a list of his early movies, which I was not aware of, which I am going to add to my wish list. One in particular entitled "Hammers over the Anvil". It's apparently about this guy (Crowe), horses and the Austrialian countryside. "I'll take 'Valkyrie's Fantasies' for $1000" - answer "What is Valkyrie's ultimate fantasy?" Those three ingredients are a sure winner, Crowe, horses, Austrialian outback. Yeah. Now somebody hand me the popcorn.Posted by Hello I wonder if he'll ever visit SA? Not that I want to bump into him, or get stuck in an elevator or anything with him. At least not until I've been going to the bloody gym for 6 months solid. (!)