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Monday, December 06, 2004

What a doofus.

*** Strong Political Oppinion to Follow***
***Not for sensitive Blog Walkers***
Ok, I have tried to be non-political as possible on this blog, especially when I get strong feelings about politicians that are holding office in a country other than the one I'm living in. However, this is the last straw. I have just read in a local newspaper, that the complete asswipe that has just been re-elected to a certain North American country has decided to undo 30 years of US environmental legislation, and open up a pristine environmental protectorate in Alaska, to oil drilling. Did your Saudi buddies get you to do it? Shmuck? Do you think that the polar bears and arctic wolves and harp seals are going to enjoy having you in THEIR territory, f*cking up their environment and destroying THEIR planet just because YOU need more money? Do you realise that the rest of the civilised western world think of you as the dumbest politician in US history? Do you realise what kind of damage will be done to whales and dolphins and other creatures living in the oceans by your oil spills? WAKE UP AMERICA your leader is destroying your own country, and our planet and leading you down a path you do not want to go. While I'm on the subject of what a complete bottom feeder Dubya is, why should your sons and daughters be sent to fight in some god forsaken country, sent to die to make one man and his family richer? Why should they DIE in the so-called 'name of democracy'? Democracy, MY ASS! SMELL THE COFFEE AMERICA I challenge everyone of you who blog, to blog about this issue. Bloggers are getting more and more media coverage all the time and if enough people are reading you can change the way people are thinking and stop them just blindly following their current administration because of loyalty. How loyal will you be when your wildlife and way of life are destroyed to feed one mans greed?