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Monday, March 07, 2005

This is the beach a few miles from my house. Behind where this picture was taken are a few square kilometres of wetland with reeds etc (y'know real Moses country...reeds, bullrushes etc). Anyway, my house borders onto this wetland area, and is absolutely teeming with the most amazing birdlife. Last night, or I should say yesterday evening we sat on our porch (him with a glass of wine, me with my lime and soda) and watched something of a spectacle. We'd had some very light rain earlier that day, and since it's been so dry for the last few weeks, it was just enough moisture to activate thousands of mosquitoes.

We didn't get bitten once...why? Because thousands upon thousands of birds where flocking and swooping and turning and swirling catching every possible bug they could see. It was AMAZING, we could literally see the mosquitoes take off zud around for a few seconds before one of these awesome birds would zoom in and nail it. Given that it was a spectacular sunset as well as a backdrop made it even more of a spectacle. I hope it happens again tonight! Posted by Hello