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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lack of pictures

This business with not being able to post pictures through hello is getting me down. My poor little blog is longing for some colourful nourishment! I've just issued some lucky sod an upgraded ticket from here to Atlanta, round the States to Omaha, Miami and Dallas, and all in business class. MAN I could do with a trip like that. I'm an outlet mall queen, and there are none better than those in the States....sigh. Looks like I'm going to start wishing for winning that UK lottery again! I actually won 10 pounds on Saturday which I've converted to vouchers to use to buy more tickets. If it were like 100 pounds then I'd get it paid out, but for the moment I'm happy to let it ride on further opportunities to win big. Being pregnant though, I'd have to wait for my big trip around the world in first class for at least a year or two until the little 'un is either a) big enough to come with or b) happy enough to stay at home with granny. Then again - how could I even think of leaving my gorgeous cats and dogs at home without me.... Sigh...