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Monday, April 11, 2005

Phew what a night!

So you guys know when Michele from WindSpirit kept asking for rain? Last night apparently someone heard, and obliged...big time! We haven't seen a storm in Cape Town this bad for about 10 yrs! This morning driving to work, all the drivers were being extremely diligent and driving really slowly through the driving rain and wind. As I came over the mountain this morning the sheets and columns of rain where nothing short of spectacular sweeping down the mountain. Of course with the recent fire, and thus lack of vegetation on the mountain side, one had to be extra careful as there was some soil and small rock debris on the road. Some of the storm drains were even overflowing. It's hard to believe that so much rain can fall in one night. I think that our area on the Atlantic coast side of the peninsula was quite hard hit by the thunder and lighning which lasted about 6 hours, but we weren't as badly hit by hail as our northern suburbs counterparts, apparently they had a hail storm with pieces of hail as big as grapes pelting down. My mom said that when she looked out her window (she lives next door to a school sports field), the field was completely white like it had snowed! Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm really enjoying the cooler weather! I just love wrapping up in my fleece lined raincoat, and pashmina to head out to work. Of course, staying home under the duvet also has it's appeal! On an exciting note, I have just signed up as a consultant for Creative Memories. I am really excited about it. I plan to initially hold 1 class a week with about 5 people. Obviously when the baby comes in the middle of August, I won't be doing much for about 6 weeks, but hopefully I'll have picked up enough clientele by then to take that time off and get started again around beginning October. Plus once the baby is about 3 months old I"ll be meeting lots of new moms at a group I plan to join called "Mom's and Tots" where you all get together and chat about how things are going -and I'm sure that lots of them, will have lots of photo's to sort out of their new babies, and I can get some of them involved as well. Gosh, I've just realised just how excited I am about this time in my life that I am heading into. Yay!