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Monday, April 04, 2005

A watched doorbell never rings...

Tap, tap, I'm not doing a Fred Astaire number, I'm drumming my fingers on my desk, with one eye on the front gate (our office is in a house), waiting for Fedex to show up with my tote. I know I've been going on about this for awhile now, but really this is about the most exciting thing that I've bought in ages. C'mon!! Where could they be? It's like 11h23am already...and they call this service? (grin). Ok, so I'm not your....hang on phone.... That was Fedex...they tried to deliver to my house, instead of my work address....hmmm then they offer me a delivery at home tonight between 7 and 9 pm. Which ordinarily I would have taken, but that would then make it painfully obvious to the hubby that I've just ordered it. At least if I get it here at the office, I can pop it into the boot of my car, and get it into the house before he's home, and not mention it for at least say, a week. Come to think of it I shouldn't be this wary of my own husband. He's just bought himself new golf shoes which cost an arm and a leg....hang on...going to phone Fedex. Just chickened out of phoning Fedex to get them to re-arrange delivery. I know that I could take the 'ballsy' approach and say that it's my money etc etc. But I also know that my mother once gave me some very valuable advice and this time I'm going to take it. "your husband never has to know EVERYTHING about you." Why mention it when it may become a source for discontent or material for a future argument. At least this time I'm the one with ammo, since I know what he spent on his golf shoes. Ok, I've just changed my mind again. Why the hell should I feel like I have to be dishonest? It IS my money. It WON'T break the bank. I can always use the guilt trip approach like it's something I need for myself when he's out enjoying his golf. Gaaah!! Sometimes being married is more complicated than it should be!