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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Woo hoo!!

I just got so excited this morning. I got an email from Crop in Style to say that my tote order already shipped with Fedex International on 23 March - which means 1 week down only 3 or so to go until it gets here!! My credit card reflected the amount today, and I'm just so happy I could do a little victory dance right now. By having ordered this from the States I have saved myself R600!! (at today's ROE that's about US $95, CA $117, EUR 74!!! - how nice am I to think of all my readers). How have I saved this much? Shops here, charge around R1500.00 (US$237.00 - highway robbery.) Although I've only ever seen them order the CIS XXL or EK Success Scutto etc, not the awesome CIS Navigator! Including shipping (to my DOOR), I only paid R912.00 which was at the time of purchase US $139.95. Retail therapy really does work! I am also seriously looking forward to the launch of Creative Memories on the 5th of April. I know that their style of scrapbooking is quite simplified in comparison to more mainstream scrapping, but what I'm really interested in is their equipment more than their style. From what I hear, it's really good quality. Plus I think adopting a more simplified scrapbooking style in order to teach people new to scrapping is a perfect way to get someone started - and end up buying supplies off you. I know that if I didn't have confidence in my creative ability having studied art and design for a year at university, that I personally would have been too scared to start scrapbooking because of the creative level out there. This way I get to share my hobby with people who've never scrapped before, and be able to make a little cash out of it as well. I'm hoping that during the 6 months that I'm on maternity leave - I'm going to have enough time to at least get started on a more creative career. Of course I'll be wildly successful and not have to return to the travel industry. :) Fingers crossed.