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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If ever there was a reason to live in the US or Canada, then this must be it. When you can order stuff on line, i.e. like all the stuff pictured here, for only $150, then for crying in a bucket it's totally worth going through the emigration process!!

Ok so you're probably all dying to hear how this weekend was...well in a nutshell, it was FABULOUS. I loved the goodie bags, which were awesome, and the American trainers were nothing short of absolutely bloody FANTASTIC! I enjoyed all of them, but mostly Rhonda Solomon - she was so sweet, and humorous I didn't stop laughing or at least smiling for the 2 hours that her class lasted.

Michele and I had a fab time ordering room service. The only meals we didn't eat in the room was lunch, but breakfast and dinner we had in our jammies in the room. The classes kept us so busy, and got us so exhausted, that we didn't even have time to crop in the evenings - it was more like 'stagger' back to the room with all the new products we'd just been given and only have enough strength to dial 5 to order cheeseburgers for dinner!

What an amazing thing to meet a blogger you've never seen. As I drove up to the gas station (ok petrol station, let's be South African here)where we'd arranged to meet, I knew immediately who she was. How interesting to actually 'talk' to that person, actually in person, and have a conversation like you've known each other for years. There we were chatting about other bloggers and referring to them by their blog names, i.e. "hey do you know Coffeesoup Michele?" or in Wind Spirit's cas "do you read Joe Cools' blog?" Be sure to read MIchele from's latest post because it's a scoop of note!!!

Anyway, let me get back to the mountains of quotes that I have waiting for me....speak to you tommorrow!! Posted by Hello