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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hey everybody!

Hi Everyone, I had the day off work yesterday for pregnancy related issues - for some reason, my ligaments are SOOOO sore that I could hardly walk yesterday, so I spent the day in bed with a book. I didn't feel too bad though, since it was raining outside and positively snug under the covers. I'm feeling much better today, but still really stiff. My doc assures me it's normal, and that only rest will take care of it, so depending on the weather, I may just develope a spontaneous attack on Friday. (ya right like I could ever leave my desk unless it was really painful...ok well maybe). I did get up and did three scrapbook pages - have I mentioned how much I love creative memories really easy and simple method of scrapbooking - finally my albums are coming along nicely, and I am nearly finished a whole one. I may have as many as 4 classes coming up - some people are really getting into it so I'm really glad. Once I have enough people interested then I will start to run workshops as well. I'd also like to organise a quarterly "crop for a cause" and get everyone together, hire a hall somewhere with some trestle tables set up, and donate a portion of the proceeds to "DARG" (domestic animal rescue society) or "TEARS"(the Emma Animal Rescue Society). Which are both local and active in my community and could seriously use the funds. Oh well, so much to think about....and finally the nursery is starting to take shape...finally....