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Friday, April 29, 2005


There are several things which piss me off, which I'm likely to mention regularly. This morning I was reminded of some of them, and they were even conflicting, which I found to be emotionally a bizarre feeling really. You see, that where I live (the particular suburb), Friday, is garbage collection day. Now in South Africa, as many of you may know there are gross inequalities between rich and poor. It's not just a case of black and white anymore. Unfortunately, even with all of the reverse racism and policies that our new government have put in place, many black people are still without jobs, and decent homes. So every Friday (in my area) our suburb is inundated with 'street shoppers'. These are usually women, who know that it's garbage collection day, and they've come to check out what you're throwing away. It is a sad, and disgusting thing that they do, but when you have nothing - hey maybe going through someone else's garbage might make you enough cash to feed your family today. However this morning, I got MAD. I mean really MAD. THis one woman, was so busy rumaging through my garbage can, that I had to ask her to move so that I could get my car out of the driveway!! She gives me this look like, "stupid white bitch" and begrudgingly moves out the way making it seem like a huge effort. This REALLY pissed me off. My husband and I work hard. We pay our bills. Some months we have nothing left over. Some months we have to dip into our credit cards, some months we pay our bills late because we have to. We adopt animals who need homes. We donate to charity, we give our old applicances and clothes to needy organisations. I hate that some fugging cow, who is actually thieving through my garbage can look at me like her lot in life is entirely my fault. Like she's forced to be rummaging through my rubbish because of the fact that I exist. I'm sick to DEATH of being treated like a second rate citizen just because my skin is lighter than someone elses!!! It is no wonder that particularly white South Africans are leaving here en masse. I could be pissed off at our new government for not having provided this woman with decent health care, or a job, or a decent home to live in, but today I choose to be PISSED AS HELL at this woman who's attitude needs some serious re adjusting. I could have yelled at her to piss off and stop stealing, but I chose the polite road, and got a 'filthy stare' in return. To her I say, "stop living like you have this massive chip on your shoulder, and find something to DO that will feed your family other than stealing. South Africa is the new 'land of opportunity' and nowhere else in the world, is the spirit of entrepeneurship as encouraged as here. I'm sure that you can knit or sew, or mind children, or even sweep streets, or garden, or something else that will help you to get the hell out of my garbage. Go and stop blaming the white people for your unhappy lot in life. Change your mind, your attitude and you will succeed."