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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Too Cute

I found this picture via a picture on Mary Lou's blog, and the kitty pictured looks SO much like my Tigger that I just had to post it. Those of you who've been around my blog for awhile will know that Tigger is the cat who I coaxed in when she was abandoned by our former neighbors who moved away without her (actually they were languishing in jail for growing weed...but I digress). Anyway, the way I felt about it if they were cruel enought to not at least organise someone to look after the poor thing i.e fetch her and re-home her, then they can rot in jail with her welfare on their conscience. Basically I think Tigger saw the hubby and I moving in, and thought, " Hah! Suckers!! Let me go and look all pathetic and skinny and maybe I can move in with them." To date, Tigger has become the MOST attention seeking, ass-kissing (hers - not ours) cat who ever lived. She converts dog lovers far and wide with her feline wiles and charms - and has even been known to show her extreme love and posession of my hubby by peeing on his leg when he's had the worst day of his past year! It was just hilarious, there we were sitting out in the garden having thrown down an old picnic blanket, playing with the dogs, having a glass of chilled white wine (before I was pregnant) when she sashays over rubs her cheek against my hubby's shin, turns around, and HEY PRESTO! Gives him a little squirt of her 'love' juice and I spend the next 5 solid minutes rolling on the grass laughing my ass off - while my husband wonders why his leg is wet. Posted by Hello