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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bliss time

I'm really starting to enjoy slowing down and being at's so awesome being able to chill, with a cat on my lap, dog at my feet...sigh. I went to the movies by myself yesterday - and saw Madagascar - it was really cute, but I didn't think it was as good as some other animated flicks like Shrek etc. I guess I'd better get used to watching kiddie movies! Especially things like Barney and Telly Tubbies etc. I'm so upset to see what has happened to poor Hannah and her hubby - who came to SA to visit from the USA, and got stuck here longer because of the stupid idiot workers at South African Airways who are striking for higher pay. What the stupid ass workers don't realise is that the national carrier is in an already VERY precarious financial position - so they stand just about as much of a chance of getting an increase as they do of actually losing their jobs because the airline may go bankrupt. (well they'll go bankrupt with any luck). We have enough other airlines to support our domestic market, SAA can bugger off for all I care. Anyway, I just sincerely hope that Hannah & hubby managed to get back to Atlanta safe and sound.