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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Busy busy

Just when I think I should be winding down, I start getting busier at work, busier at home... This morning we had an open house at home, which means that our estate agent currently working on selling our house for us, had a bunch of other agents around to comment on the property and also to see if they had any clients looking for something such as our house. We still have that one offer in the pipeline, but it is still subject to the purchaser selling her house, and so far she's not had much movement...hmmm. Anyway, the feedback I got from these other agents was good - and since there were ten of them, at least if each of them only know of one buyer who may be interested, then that's ten more than what we had. I'm really impressed with our agent so far though - she's really going above and beyond the call of duty in selling our house. The funny thing was that at one point Navarre was attracting more attention from the agents than the house, "oooh your dog is just SO BEAUTIFUL!", I was like a proud strutting mom, "oh yes, he's our pretty boy yadda yadda etc" Of course then Roxy the labrador had to try and get everyone's attention by leaping onto Navarre in 'play-attack' mode - eliciting some "ooh cute puppy" remarks for her too. She just has the most beautiful personality - and BOY does she know it! Every morning now, if I wake up in the wee hours (quite literally) and if I lean over to hug the hubby, on his other side, I detect this soft furry belly and if I listen really carefully I can hear her snoring - she has managed to manipulate 'daddy' into letting her onto the bed, and she literally has her head with his on the pillow and has the covers drawn up to her chest with her two front paws sticking out the top. I mean really!!