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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Ba-ack

Hey there folks - talk about withdrawal symptoms from lack of net access - and lack of access to all you cool people out there!! I finished working last Tuesday - thankfully I didn't have to stay any longer, because my colleague who walked into the tree, decided that her injuries shouldn't keep her away any longer...anyway, so I spent the rest of the week at home trying to find something to do...this wouldn't be a problem if we had net access at home. I've been trying to convince the hubby that if we did have adsl at home, then I could at least think about working from home - and making some money whilst being home with the baby...I think he might go for it. Keep your fingers crossed people - my future depends on it!!! Seriously though, I mean who in this day and age doesn't at least have dial up...? It looks like when the hubby finally starts his new job (we're waiting to hear about the outcome of 3 different interviews) that he will need to be able to log in from home anyway - so then problem solved! Yay!! I did my first creative memories class as well last week, it was great fun, I only knew two of the 7 people present, but I had a blast and decided that this really is something that I CAN do. The pages that everyone made were really stunning,and I took some pictures, so when I get around to getting them off the camera I will definitely post some! Anyway, apologies for the long absense from blogworld- for the moment I'm popping up to the FIL and MIL's house to check email and blog - since they only live like 2 minutes walk away, and even THEY have ADSL at home...