Brain Bubbles

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well I'm back at my desk, surrounded by very attractive snotty tissues and 2 different types of non baby-harming, rather ineffectual medication. At least I don't feel feverish anymore, I think there is nothing worse than feeling cold, but actually being feverishly warm. Anyway, I went for my obgyn check up today, got to see little bubkins on the monitor again - he now already weighs 2.8kg!! Doc says everything still looks a-ok, but my blood pressure was a little elevated. Nothing to freak out about - and she's sure it's because of my throat infection. She has told me that under no circumstances am I to continue working beyond Friday though. She said that from Saturday I am to sit on my but with my feet up and be served by all and sundry. Of course I told her that this would be an extremely difficult thing for me to do, but that I would give it my best shot. I'm really glad the hubby came with to this appointment and heard that from the Doc's own mouth! Although I must admit that I think I married the most awesome man on the planet. He is SO concerned about me, and hardly let's me do ANYTHING. I'll say "babes, would you like some tea?" and he'll be like, "yes, but wait, I'll get it!" So much so that I really actually start to feel guilty at how much he is doing for me. I feel like I should be doing as much as possible for him now, because when I am recovering from the birth, he'll be having to help me too and there will be a baby in the picture as well...and I am WELL aware that neither of us knows just exactly what we are in for...BIG changes...this is what everyone says, but until we get there we just won't fully comprehend how big...