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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Man, oh man, I've been trying to post all damn day, but our ISP that serves all the agencies in our group has been up to sh*t all day. It's made email and net access ridiculously slow all day! I'm getting read receipts for emails which I sent out last night. Ech...annoying. Anyway, the hubby went for that great job interview today - we don't know how it's gone, as the guy is interviewing people all week - but we should know by the end of next week. Co-incidently the end of next week is also when I stop timing is everything! Oh and by the way, I did go past that house we're after on Saturday morning and Hurray! It's still available!! I had the greatest time chatting with our friends who live in the same estate, and they were saying just how much they loved living there - and that they would let us know if anyone else looks interested in the place. Tonight we have someone else coming to see our house, with a view to making an offer - so everything looks up at the moment! Let's hope it stays that way!