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Monday, July 04, 2005

My Kingdom for some comfort...and sleep

Oh my, I think that I may just be the most uncomfortable person on the planet right now...sitting, standing, lying down, standing on my head etc etc. I still have 6 weeks to go until bubkins arrives, and yet, I doubt if I will ever sleep again! Never mind that, but just sitting in my chair at work I feel like the side of a house...apparently going onto all fours is the most comfortable thing for me right now (according to countless pregnancy websites and books) but how the hell do you consult with clients with your hiney in the air? Let alone get any work done with your pc on the floor like that ;) The upside is that with my stomach squashed as flat as a pancake (although sadly not containing any) my appetite has shrunk and I've lost some more weight. I eat like 3 bites of something, and I'm full! Woo-hoo!!