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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Here again!

Hey everyone - I've been waiting for good weather to come up to the in laws to do the 'net' walk. Plus it helps that I'm pushing a pram and getting some exercise at the same time. I have to tell you i feel like a million bucks! I've lost 12 kilograms, that's roughly about 24 pounds...and that's without dieting...ok a good chunk of that was like a baby and all the gook that comes along with it, but hey I'm lighter now, than I was when I fell pregnant...GO ME!!! (hey, where'd I put that chocolate?...) It really is great feeling so light and sprightly, especially since Spring started officially last thursday - yay ! I may just get into shape by the time Summer rolls around! Here are some pics of the bubby in one of his cool outfits! Ok, for crying out loud, some moron has installed a popup blocker on this computer that can't be disabled so I can't post pictures from this webpage at the moment!! Gah!!! Let me see if I can post some through hello.....