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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Boom Boom Boom

I was just watching the 'live from the red carpet' segment on E! where all the stars are arriving at the Golden Globes. I gotta tell ya, I saw Russell Crowe arrive and there is just a leettle (HUGE) somethin' somethin' about that man that stops my heart in it's tracks and then makes it pound furiously. Yes I know that he has allegedly been badly behaved on a few occasions, but honestly that just adds to his 'grrr-ness' for me. When he threw that phone at the concierge - I bet he wasn't even aiming at him - but just passionately trying to get hold of his wife. I dunno about you - but a man with THAT much passion and love for his wife is a very attractive thing to me - as long as he's not throwing the phones at his wife - which of course he isn't. LOOK at that picture and tell me that you won't let him wrinkle YOUR sheets given the opportunity. We have a saying in Afrikaans (Dutch derivative) which goes "Skeur my kleure, kreukel my lakens en maak my joune!" which I won't translate - but is a really nice descriptive phrase when you have a big crush on someone. I know Leslie has a Mel Gibson thing going on - who else out there has a little (giant) crush on someone famous and good-looking? (Ok ask Michele to translate for you if you really want the direct meaning). Posted by Picasa