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Monday, January 23, 2006

Days of Yonder

I discovered that I have a little knack for computerized restoration. I was trying to weedle all of my dad's photographs from Holland out of him (all his grandparents pictures etc) and in the midst of trying to persuade him that I must have them we came across this particular picture which was very dear to my dad. Turns out his mother is standing at the back in a white shirt, and his grandparents are the ones seated in front. Wow. So that's my great grandma & pa. The photo's were taken way back in 1919. My dad being 78 this year, doesn't have much computer skill, but his jaw dropped when he saw how it took me about 10 seconds to adjust the contrast brighten it slightly and redo the grayscale. He's now convinced that I should be doing photo restoration as a money making hobby. Honestly I dismissed the thought right away, but when he insisted that I think about it. I did. Just because there are people out there who do know how to restore photographs, means that there must be people out there who don't - and are willing to page money to preserve their heritage. This will be the third link in my scrapbooking, photography hobby chain... So, whaddya think. I know that I think that by the age of thirty I should know what the hell I want to do? Well I DO know that goal number is to be a SAHM, and if I can make a little grocery money doing it, why not? Posted by Picasa