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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hey sorry I missed y'all yesterday. I was at my mum's during the day and stayed the night as well. She lives kind of far away (about 50km) and so when we visit one another, it's always overnight. I thought the hubby would really enjoy being able to sleep like a starfish - but apparently he didn't sleep well. I imagine this is because my svelte and elfin self was missing from his near proximity. I myself didn't do too well on the the old sleeper couch, but it was great to say "here" to my mum and hand over the bubby, which allowed me to faff around doing stuff I felt like. Even though she has adsl as well (persuaded to obtain it by me and the thought of free phone calls to one another) I was so busy rushing around doing stuff - including getting my drivers license renewed in just days to spare too. Ap-parently it takes 5 weeks to process (welcome to Africa) during which time if I get pulled over by a traffic cop, I will have to either flash my cleavage (ample), or wave my renewal receipt in his face. I have yet to decide on which course of action is more fun :) Posted by Picasa