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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crop In Style have released some new ranges of their "Store in Style" modular scrap-friendly furniture. I pinched this picture of their website. You might remember I bought a tote from them awhile back - which they happily shipped to me for a low cost. Anyway, they have also released a new range of totes (See far right in picture) in a dusty pink. Proceeds from the profits go to the breast cancer awareness foundation so it would be well worth looking into if you're planning on splurging on a tote in the future. This last weekend, when I was on my scrapping break, mine was so valuable to me and handy, that everyone else was asking where I got it from. Don't you love that cubby on the left for your paper? Imagine putting two of those one atop the other - I might be close to storing all my paper! I also like the standing thing on the desk - handy to put tools within arms reach without using all your countertop space, i.e. trimmers, punches, adhesive. I'd move it back though and have it against a wall so stuff doesn't fall off the edge. I'm sure it's just like this for display purposes though. I am dreaming of a scrapping room like this, but with the addition of a six seater table for workshops and things this would be perfect! Posted by Picasa