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Thursday, February 16, 2006

My two new movies arrived from Amazon yesterday - how exciting! I am a sucker for online shopping! My two new movies were "Hammers Over the Anvil" starrring Mr Crowe and several horses - and, "The Silver Brumby" starring Caroline Goodall, Mr Crowe and several horses as well. Needless to say, these are my two most favourite things in movies of course... For die hard RC fans - the opening scene in Hammers is NOT TO BE MISSED. You can just search those titles in Amazon and they'll pop up right away. I'm pretty impressed by the amount of stunts that Mr C (hah - look Michele I have my own Mr C!) did in these movies - granted probably not all of them, but a good enough amount to ensure us of genuinely great horsemanship skills. I went trawling for sites about the place where it was filmed - because there were enough sweeping vistas of unmistakable mountainous beauty, to assure me that a holiday there, with a horse trek thrown in would suit me just fine. The hubby and I were hoping that our next trip overseas was to Australia anyway, but now I just need to convince him that a side trip to The High Country of Victoria, Australia, would be a GREAT idea. He can ride just as well (ok not quite) as me so hopefully not too much convincing...oh and grandma would just love to have the bubby anyway...although I'm not sure if I could actually leave him and FLY overseas...hmm. Posted by Picasa