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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Please pray for him, to whomever you pray to

Our beautiful Angel, the Fluffus Maximus, today was bitten by a Cobra, and lies fighting for his life on a ventilator in an emergency clinic. 3 hours ago... I looked outside to see with horror how this snake with a flattend hood was sitting up trying to strike at my laborador, both dogs circling this seemingly innocent toy in their garden. I screamed for them to come inside and leave the MOFO of a snake alone. His hood was as wide as my hand with fingers spread from thumb to pinkie. What dogs will listen when there is such fun to be had? I start to run around the house shutting all the windows (first making sure the cats are all inside) incase the snake tries to come into the house - they can climb walls these bastards. Anyway, suddenly my Malamute is at the door begging to come in... Unbeknownst to me, he had killed the snake and obviously caught it too low and it swung around to strike him on the nose. During this time I had frantically tried to call our local 'snake man' to come and get rid of it, and also my husband to ask what to do - he had let me know his dad was coming to help me get rid of the snake. We get the harnesses on the dogs and both into the car, once the bubby is also in the car and race off to the vet to check for bites on the dogs - they both seem fine, goofy with excitement to have their harnesses on - thinking they're being rewarded with a walk! We get to the vet and the first sign that he's been bitten is that he can't get out of the car, as the venom has started to work on his muscles. I race inside, not caring how I look (a crazed, sweating, wild and terrified Valkyrie, shaking and screaming) yelling that we have an emergency snake bite, and the dog needs help getting inside. There were no vets in the practice at this stage, but as they got my puppy onto the table in their op room, his heart stopped and the veterinary nurse managed to 'bring' him back (she had the main vet on the phone talking her through the procedure on his cell phone - he himself rushing the distance between his house and the vets place - thank god he lived close! - I can't help thinking that Navarre saw our other angel Digby who died almost a year ago from biliary. Digby must have told him it's not his time yet, because we had to transport him to another bigger clinic closer to the city the only one with a proper ventilator, in the back of my husbands bakkie (Pick up) with a canopy on. My hubby was driving, me in the passenger seat and one vet, and a vet's nurse in the back, pumping air into his lungs with one of those bags that you see on ER. It was so dramatic if George CLooney had been there, I would have thought I was watching ER! For nearly and hour while we drove through just before rush hour traffic - the lights just seemed to go green for us, they kept him 'breathing' EVERY FIVE SECONDS and thanks to their efforts - luckily his strong heart never faltered. At one point, the bag developed a tear and the vet and nurse had to take turns giving him MOUTH TO MOUTH! The vet (she) jokingly said that at least she didn't have to ask him about his sexual history! We actually managed to laugh. While she's busy saving his life (by the way he is such a big dog, he took six vials of anti-venom), she is telling us about all the other dogs that have survived the same type of bites and at least he was a big dog. They managed to bring him round from his anaesthesia (he was kept under by the vet out all the time while we were driving) having put him onto the ventilator as soon as we arrived at the big clinic - so we got to hug him and tell him what a brave boy he was and give him kisses on his head around all those awful tubes coming out of him. His eyes were open while I stroked him calling him my fluffy prince, my fluffus maximus, my fuffalufalus, my fuffups, my furry angel, my boyboy. They wanted to put him under again, because dogs get very stressed if they are conscious on a ventilator. Our local vet told us that he was now in the best hands in the country for snake bites. Ironically there was a small dog there as well who had also suffered a snake bite yesterday. We just got home just now at 18h30 - my in laws were wonderful, having looked after the bubby the whole time we were away. The bubby has just fallen asleep - so i am drinking the BIGGEST whiskey you have EVER seen! The super vet in whose care he now was, just rang to say that he is very stable and his blood oxygen level is perfect - better than if he was breathing by himself. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray. I used to be a religious person (now disillusioned and a little more new age) but I swear I'm praying tonight, to God, Jaweh, Allah (may I say his name?), Buddha, Hari Krishna, Haile Selassie, Idi Amin Dada, Zeus, Apollo, Isis, Horus, Hathor, the Ancestors, and any other God who will listen that they must save my BOY, he protected me, the bubby, the lab, all our cats AND our neighbor who was watching with horror over the fence. Incidently, our neighbor flew in with her chariot (pick up) and offered to drive our boy to the clinic - but the hubby was minutes away, having run EVERY red light from his office to the vet. All we can do now, is wait...and pray, oh God pray Posted by Picasa