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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Go Well my Boy

Today, my angel, walks with his friend Digby on that great beach in the sky. Navarre, I can still feel you with me. Your bravery in killing that snake is unmatched. Navarre, I know you'll be at the front of the welcoming line one day, when I go, I know you will all be waiting for me with All the animals I've loved and lost, my whole life... Shelah: The Skipper who was my first dog, when I was two. I remember your cute brown spot on your side! Buddy & Perky: My beautiful ginger cats who lived with me for 17 years - you heard all my teenage angst poured into your sympathetic ears. Mickey: My third ginger kitty. We loved you so much - so did Buddy & Perky. Bess: We inherited you with the house we bought when I was ten. You were such a great introduction to rottweiler/bloodhounds - you were incredibly sweet, I see your eyes in Roxy my labrador now. Bozo: Although you didn't stay with us long, we enjoyed looking after you while your mom was away. It was wonderful how you would dance for treats! Sylvester: My first pet with the hubby. You were SUCH a gorgeous kitten, but we knew you were sick from the start - we always hoped we could nurse you better. Now I know you're playing with Perky - she is such a good mom. Snowy: To think I used to chase you away -because I thought you belonged to the neighbors, until I discovered you were abandoned. It took awhile to coax you inside but you came. Digby: We got you via the grapevine! You'd been taken away from a tramp - and given to us for safekeeping. You found a space in 'daddy's' heart - which is still empty. I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. I know you came to fetch your friend Navarre: You were a dream come true for me. I always wanted an Alaskan Malamute. Your gorgeous face and chewbacca voice are burned into my memory forever! You were the gentlest giant that I hoped would teach our son to walk -by pulling himself up on your ears. I hope you were happy to see Digby with his wings and that you wanted to go with him. You have the heaviest place in all our hearts boy. To simply say we love you is hopelessly insuficient. Please be the one to fetch me one day.

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