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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Moto rocks!

Motorola Rocks! Recently Motorola had a promotion on their site that if you had recently purchased (or upgraded to) the MPX 200, and emailed them the details of the phone, they would send you some freebies in the mail. I sent out the email some time back in June, and didn't really think that anything would come of it - and they totally just delivered a car charger and lanyard to me at work - how cool are they!!?? Ok, and just exactly how easy to please am I!!? But I don't care - in this day and age of empty promises I am totally over the moon with the fact that they sent me stuff for free!! Go moto!! Aside from this I just recently switched from using a Nokia phone (various models over the last 5 years) to the Motorla MPX 200. I have to say that it totally blows my hair back- and has a very cool interface with MS Outlook which I use all the time for work etc, so basically I carry my office with me in my pocket without having to lug the laptop around - it totally saved my ass when my computer crashed the other day, because I still had all my clients in my phone. Posted by Hello