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Friday, April 22, 2005

A dull moment? Never!

Ok, so now they're staying in South Africa for the time being. Holy guacamole, but really, my emotions have gone to the moon and back in the last 24hrs. I don't know why I feel so involved but perhaps it's because the MIL and I have chatted a lot over the last 24 hrs and I'm probably just picking up on her angst over this whole emigration thing. Hey, by the way, THANK YOU to Mary Lou and also to Pixy who've been over to the new blog to check it out and said hello! Also big HI out ot Robin from and thanks for stopping by! I tried to access hello again today, and although I can get in, it JUST WILL NOT POST PICTURES. I guess I miss everyone too much to totally move over. The modblog format is a little tricky to get used to - and you have to click on the top link that says 'home' after commenting to get back to the front, as it were. Anyway, I'm outta the office in approximately 45 mins and it's Friday, so I 'll see everyone Monday - have fabulous weekends all of you!