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Monday, September 19, 2005

My Other Children...the furry ones...

I am really missing spending as much time as I used to with my menagerie. Of course I love spending the time with the bubby as well, but I really miss the cats being on my lap all the time, the Alaskan Malamute at my feet, and of course the labrador trying to sit on my lap all the time. Thankfully the hubby is making them feel extra special, and they all seem to love the bubby, so I'm sure things will even out once the bubby starts to interact with the world more! Looking at this picture here of Roxy the lab, and Scooch the cat, can you believe how Roxy has grown? She is now already 8.5 months old, and can you also believe that Scooch is putting up with her attention like this? It's really cute because Roxy often does a 'fly-by' and licks the Scooch all over before jumping out the way, as Scooch finally gets fed up and takes a swipe at Roxy. I just love the family dynamics between the two dogs, and of course between the two dogs & three cats. It's going to get really interesting when the Bubby is starting to toddle around and interact with them too :)