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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Scary Days

Oh, my heart nearly stopped today -we had to go and get the Bubby his first set of vaccinations - how unbelieveably heart breaking to see your first child get his first set of shots. The really crummy part is that the paediatrician makes you hold his little legs straight while he gives the shots, so you just KNOW that your little one is totally blaming you for the pain! This is I'm sure why kids turn on you when they're teenagers...something about subconscious angst and residual anger! I had a little chuckle when it was all over, because as I pushed his pram out into the waiting room, there was a couple there, with their six week old infant, and their eyes were just huge at having heard the Bubby's indignant cries, and now it was their turn! The Bubby was such a brave little chap, once we were back out into the waiting room, I gave him a bottle to calm him down and by the time we were back in the car he was fast asleep. Come to think of it he is still fast asleep, poor thing! I must admit, as much as I absolutely love our paediatrician, and have done since he was there when he was born and took care of him during his first precious minutes of life, I was SO ready to clock him one for inflicting pain on my little precious bundle of gold.