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Monday, September 26, 2005

Still have a life!

Hey there It's nearly the end of the month, which means we are that much closer to pay day, which is when the hubby is at his happiest, and co-incidently the very same time that I will be handing in our application for adsl... The hubby, bubby and I went out to visit friends on Saturday evening for a winetasting. We were three couples, and thankfully the other two couples also had kids, so there we were sipping wines from South Africa (but of course..ours is the best...) as well as Chile (very second favourite), France (smelled like manure, but I'm told it's supposed to) and Australia (smelled ok but had very little taste), anyway it was great to have some adult company again (aside from just the hubby). The Bubby was awesome, slept the whole time, and when he woke up for a bottle, drank it, burped loud enough to elicit applause from all the dads and promptly fell asleep again. Once home he slept so well, it won't be long before he's making it through the night :) Yesterday we came up to the in laws for lunch and the SIL and her husband were also there. I had a moment where I nearly snorted scalding hot tea through my nose, when the SIL told me of her plans to send her child to private school. Now I have no problem with that concept, considering that I was lucky enough to have a private school education myself, but the fact that she plans on sending him to THE most expensive school in the country (where she is the school secretary), again I have no problem with her choice of school, my problem with this concept, probably has something to do with the fact that she owes us (the hubby & I) a considerable amount of money - somewhere in the region of R100 000. A fact which she conveniently tends forget apparently. This amount which we had to take out of our mortgage mind you, would come in considerably handy, especially when it comes to sending our little one to school and LET ME TELL YOU that if I am forced to downscale on ANYTHING for my child because of decisions in her life that SHE has made and her lack of ability to succeed at anything in life or pay back anyone that she has ever loaned money from...I will NOT be a VERY NICE RELATIVE. But then enought about that and about time I was sweetness and light again don't you think?