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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can't believe it...

pregnancy calendar

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Worlds Greatest Husband

Yesterday was a public holiday, and my hubby spent the morning a) putting up shelves in the baby's room and b) baking bread, real bread, from scratch... I tell you, where did I find this guy? Talk about being married to the male Martha Stewart...without the insider trading or whatever she was arrested for! He has been absolutely amazing the last few weeks that I've been at home with my feet up waiting for my due date. This is a photo of him with Roxy the labrador when we first got her - needless to say she's now far too big to be picked up like this - but I think it sums him up perfectly - a gorgeous, caring & handsome guy. He would die of embarrassment if he new that I was posting this picture of him, because he thinks it makes him look fat...awww. Today he's off at a job interview for a contract position with an amazing company, for a really good salary. I am hoping, praying and beseeching the universe that they like him and hire him. We won't know today of course if he's got it or not, but I'm sending every good vibe I can muster! Without wanting to go down any political roads or anything, it is SO hard for white guys to get decent jobs these days. Affirmative action is not only addressing the inequalities of the past, but creating the inequalities of today. At times like this I am ready to pack my bags and head of to a country where people are hired on merit (of which my hubby has loads) where hard work is rewarded, regardless of the colour of your skin. Sigh. I love my man to bits, and hope that all goes super well today.

Monday, August 08, 2005

9 days and counting...

Sorry for my long absence everyone, but I got hit with the worst case of bronchitus known to man, or at least pregnant woman. Coughing up half a lung, while trying to hold in a 3.5kg baby is not pleasant! Thankfully I'm on the mend now, and able to drag myself to an internet PC and blog! One great thing happened last week though...I had my latest doc appointment and she said that I can finally put my sugar problem behind me and relax now for the last 9 days of my pregnancy. Which means...that.... YES! I finally got to indulge in my favourite chocolates which Hannah from Teatopia sent me- ok, I didn't act silly and scoff all five packs in one go, I sensibly had 1 cup a day over a 10 day period. Even with my bronchitus, I had like a 10am window where my sinuses were open enough to be able to taste -and I'd get all comfy on the couch and prepare myself for the ultimate pleasure....the reeces peanut butter cup. Unfortunately, now they're all finished, and I'm in despair again....there is no local alternative....sigh....Hannah, sincerely from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU for having sent them to me, they definitely gave me the strength to soldier on through my illness!!! Oh yes, and congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!! I'm going to go shopping for you as soon as I can to send you something 'Africanesque' and 'baby'. I may not be able to ship it off to you before I go in for my caesar, but keep an eye out for it sometime in October.