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Friday, April 29, 2005


There are several things which piss me off, which I'm likely to mention regularly. This morning I was reminded of some of them, and they were even conflicting, which I found to be emotionally a bizarre feeling really. You see, that where I live (the particular suburb), Friday, is garbage collection day. Now in South Africa, as many of you may know there are gross inequalities between rich and poor. It's not just a case of black and white anymore. Unfortunately, even with all of the reverse racism and policies that our new government have put in place, many black people are still without jobs, and decent homes. So every Friday (in my area) our suburb is inundated with 'street shoppers'. These are usually women, who know that it's garbage collection day, and they've come to check out what you're throwing away. It is a sad, and disgusting thing that they do, but when you have nothing - hey maybe going through someone else's garbage might make you enough cash to feed your family today. However this morning, I got MAD. I mean really MAD. THis one woman, was so busy rumaging through my garbage can, that I had to ask her to move so that I could get my car out of the driveway!! She gives me this look like, "stupid white bitch" and begrudgingly moves out the way making it seem like a huge effort. This REALLY pissed me off. My husband and I work hard. We pay our bills. Some months we have nothing left over. Some months we have to dip into our credit cards, some months we pay our bills late because we have to. We adopt animals who need homes. We donate to charity, we give our old applicances and clothes to needy organisations. I hate that some fugging cow, who is actually thieving through my garbage can look at me like her lot in life is entirely my fault. Like she's forced to be rummaging through my rubbish because of the fact that I exist. I'm sick to DEATH of being treated like a second rate citizen just because my skin is lighter than someone elses!!! It is no wonder that particularly white South Africans are leaving here en masse. I could be pissed off at our new government for not having provided this woman with decent health care, or a job, or a decent home to live in, but today I choose to be PISSED AS HELL at this woman who's attitude needs some serious re adjusting. I could have yelled at her to piss off and stop stealing, but I chose the polite road, and got a 'filthy stare' in return. To her I say, "stop living like you have this massive chip on your shoulder, and find something to DO that will feed your family other than stealing. South Africa is the new 'land of opportunity' and nowhere else in the world, is the spirit of entrepeneurship as encouraged as here. I'm sure that you can knit or sew, or mind children, or even sweep streets, or garden, or something else that will help you to get the hell out of my garbage. Go and stop blaming the white people for your unhappy lot in life. Change your mind, your attitude and you will succeed."

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Hey everyone. I've been running around trying to get so much done before the public holiday tommorrow. The MIL, SIL and I are going to spend some quality time cropping and getting our Creative Memories albums on the go. We're trying to get a tradition going that one day our daughters can join in too. Speaking of Creative memories, since I signed on as a consultant, I've been getting heaps of free gifts! 5 minutes ago here at my office the UPS guy came with a Power Photo Sort Mini box for me - apparently because I hosted a class this month!! Cool hey? Those of you who know me, will know that I am a complete geek when it comes to free gifts! Apparently with my sales so far this month I have also earned my self an Album tote (worth R300) and the white window album which is 12x12 and worth R425!!! WOO-HOO YEAH!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2005

A dull moment? Never!

Ok, so now they're staying in South Africa for the time being. Holy guacamole, but really, my emotions have gone to the moon and back in the last 24hrs. I don't know why I feel so involved but perhaps it's because the MIL and I have chatted a lot over the last 24 hrs and I'm probably just picking up on her angst over this whole emigration thing. Hey, by the way, THANK YOU to Mary Lou and also to Pixy who've been over to the new blog to check it out and said hello! Also big HI out ot Robin from and thanks for stopping by! I tried to access hello again today, and although I can get in, it JUST WILL NOT POST PICTURES. I guess I miss everyone too much to totally move over. The modblog format is a little tricky to get used to - and you have to click on the top link that says 'home' after commenting to get back to the front, as it were. Anyway, I'm outta the office in approximately 45 mins and it's Friday, so I 'll see everyone Monday - have fabulous weekends all of you!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Un- FUGGING- believeable

My emigrating.........back to England.........AGAIN. How can a 36yr old woman, with a husband and 3 year old child be so FUGGING STUPID. They left for England in December last year for all of 3 weeks, before realising that they'd made a huge mistake and came running back to Cape Town. Every reason that they gave for having come back, are identical to the ones that we all gave them as reasons not to go in the first place. So ask yourself, WHAT THE HELL HAS CHANGED? They have just settled down into a nice house, their son was back at his playschool, they both had decent jobs with good career prospects and everything was going well. Unfortunately I think that the meaning of hard work is lost on them, and now that they are settled they're looking for an easier way out. FUGGING LAZY!!!!! My MIL is beside herself and seriously upset about this, AGAIN, and for the SECOND TIME in LESS THAN SIX MONTHS!!!! (ok I'm seriously ranting here). What really get's my goat is that they adopt this attitude that 'it's their decision blah blah', and yet they are too fugging inconsiderate to realise that it tears everyone around them apart. GAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To think that the last time I did this, I made my hubby see their point of view, and dragged him off to say farewell at the airport and give them our best wishes etc etc. I should have realised that he knows his sister better than I do, and he knew that she'd pull some kind of stunt like this. Well this time it's ASTA LA VISTA AND SI-A - NARA people. Time to bugger off and do your own thing without our support. Don't think we'll be breaking our backs to bring you back here again either!! ARG. I'm really pissed off. Feel free to rant with me in the old comments box.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Double bubble, toil and trouble

Ho hum. I still can't seem to get hello to work. I've been blogging over at modblog, and really enjoing their cool funky features - but I miss everyone so much that normally came over to visit. I'm really at a loss as to what to do with regards to my blog - "Should i stay or should i go, na na na na na na na na" as the song goes.... Am v tired....did CM class on Monday - was SUPER fun. Had CM consultants dinner with my upline last night. Am doing Honey Jewellery accessories party on Thursday night. Gaah, I feel like i'm trying to be 21 again - and able to go out every night of the week! (yawn - streeeetch). I can barely keep my eyes open, so it's a good thing that work isn't busy... I think for the time being I'll be over at both blogs and see how we go........

Friday, April 15, 2005

Come and say hi folks!

Hi everyone, please pop over and say hello!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Having some issues

I am having some serious issues getting pictures posted, I've now uninstalled, and reinstalled "hello" and all it does is bomb out, or time out or just plain ignore me. Man, that annoys me somewhat. I really love blogger, but for the last week or so, I've been having such a hard time that I've started another blog as a back up.... Please go over and have a look and tell me what you think...? Feel free to comment either here or there as to whether you think I should stay with blogger, or migrate to modblog... The only potential hassle with modblog that I've encountered so far, is that they have a bit of a load time thing -but then again, that might just be me...

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lack of pictures

This business with not being able to post pictures through hello is getting me down. My poor little blog is longing for some colourful nourishment! I've just issued some lucky sod an upgraded ticket from here to Atlanta, round the States to Omaha, Miami and Dallas, and all in business class. MAN I could do with a trip like that. I'm an outlet mall queen, and there are none better than those in the States....sigh. Looks like I'm going to start wishing for winning that UK lottery again! I actually won 10 pounds on Saturday which I've converted to vouchers to use to buy more tickets. If it were like 100 pounds then I'd get it paid out, but for the moment I'm happy to let it ride on further opportunities to win big. Being pregnant though, I'd have to wait for my big trip around the world in first class for at least a year or two until the little 'un is either a) big enough to come with or b) happy enough to stay at home with granny. Then again - how could I even think of leaving my gorgeous cats and dogs at home without me.... Sigh...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Phew what a night!

So you guys know when Michele from WindSpirit kept asking for rain? Last night apparently someone heard, and obliged...big time! We haven't seen a storm in Cape Town this bad for about 10 yrs! This morning driving to work, all the drivers were being extremely diligent and driving really slowly through the driving rain and wind. As I came over the mountain this morning the sheets and columns of rain where nothing short of spectacular sweeping down the mountain. Of course with the recent fire, and thus lack of vegetation on the mountain side, one had to be extra careful as there was some soil and small rock debris on the road. Some of the storm drains were even overflowing. It's hard to believe that so much rain can fall in one night. I think that our area on the Atlantic coast side of the peninsula was quite hard hit by the thunder and lighning which lasted about 6 hours, but we weren't as badly hit by hail as our northern suburbs counterparts, apparently they had a hail storm with pieces of hail as big as grapes pelting down. My mom said that when she looked out her window (she lives next door to a school sports field), the field was completely white like it had snowed! Now that things have settled down a bit, I'm really enjoying the cooler weather! I just love wrapping up in my fleece lined raincoat, and pashmina to head out to work. Of course, staying home under the duvet also has it's appeal! On an exciting note, I have just signed up as a consultant for Creative Memories. I am really excited about it. I plan to initially hold 1 class a week with about 5 people. Obviously when the baby comes in the middle of August, I won't be doing much for about 6 weeks, but hopefully I'll have picked up enough clientele by then to take that time off and get started again around beginning October. Plus once the baby is about 3 months old I"ll be meeting lots of new moms at a group I plan to join called "Mom's and Tots" where you all get together and chat about how things are going -and I'm sure that lots of them, will have lots of photo's to sort out of their new babies, and I can get some of them involved as well. Gosh, I've just realised just how excited I am about this time in my life that I am heading into. Yay!

Friday, April 08, 2005


I've not been able to log into blogger for 2 days now!! Now that i'm here, I can't remember all the stuff that I wanted to say. Sigh........I'll try log in again later.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Ok, this is the third time today that I'm trying to post... so here's a summary of everything that I put very wittily down on my first two attempts...
  • The tote arrived last night -delivered to my door.
  • The hubby had a spacky fit about the cost (even though I saved copious amounts and used my own money).
  • The hubby realized that he had just crushed about 2 solid weeks of excitement, and apologized, and said the tote was 'nice'. (BAH!)
  • The tote exceeded my wildest expectations and I can't wait to take it for a spin at my next crop session.
  • The launch of Creative Memories in Cape Town is tonight (and I will be there!!).
  • I'm too pooped to post anymore. I hope I can get friggin logged on tomorrow!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

A watched doorbell never rings...

Tap, tap, I'm not doing a Fred Astaire number, I'm drumming my fingers on my desk, with one eye on the front gate (our office is in a house), waiting for Fedex to show up with my tote. I know I've been going on about this for awhile now, but really this is about the most exciting thing that I've bought in ages. C'mon!! Where could they be? It's like 11h23am already...and they call this service? (grin). Ok, so I'm not your....hang on phone.... That was Fedex...they tried to deliver to my house, instead of my work address....hmmm then they offer me a delivery at home tonight between 7 and 9 pm. Which ordinarily I would have taken, but that would then make it painfully obvious to the hubby that I've just ordered it. At least if I get it here at the office, I can pop it into the boot of my car, and get it into the house before he's home, and not mention it for at least say, a week. Come to think of it I shouldn't be this wary of my own husband. He's just bought himself new golf shoes which cost an arm and a leg....hang on...going to phone Fedex. Just chickened out of phoning Fedex to get them to re-arrange delivery. I know that I could take the 'ballsy' approach and say that it's my money etc etc. But I also know that my mother once gave me some very valuable advice and this time I'm going to take it. "your husband never has to know EVERYTHING about you." Why mention it when it may become a source for discontent or material for a future argument. At least this time I'm the one with ammo, since I know what he spent on his golf shoes. Ok, I've just changed my mind again. Why the hell should I feel like I have to be dishonest? It IS my money. It WON'T break the bank. I can always use the guilt trip approach like it's something I need for myself when he's out enjoying his golf. Gaaah!! Sometimes being married is more complicated than it should be!

Friday, April 01, 2005


MY CROP IN STYLE NAVIGATOR HAS ARRIVED IN CAPE TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a call from Fedex International in Cape Town to say that my package had arrived. There's a small amount of VAT that I have to pay in, but it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! They are delivering to my office on Monday!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeee ---------Haaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! to get it into the house without the hubby noticing.....