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Friday, March 31, 2006


Did you know that when motherhood hits, there are several changes that will occur, for example here are somethings I would NEVER have done before becoming a mom - and which I appear to have done in the last week. 1. Sang "OldMacDonald" at the top of my voice in the supermarket to stop the Bubby from crying (he was tired). 2. Had a discussion with grown women friends about the consistency of baby poop. 3. Had a serious discussion with grown women friends about the particular smell of baby poop. 4. Danced around my house singing tunes from West Side Story to keep the Bubby entertained. (Picture Valkyrie hopping on and off the couch with intermittend arm opening throws..."So happy to be in America, happy to be in America") 5. Attempted to sing "High on a hill stood a lonely goat herd, leyhi hoo da leyi hoo da ley Hee Hoo" (yodelling) to elicit big belly laughs from the bubby over and over again. 6. Baked chocolate chip cookies and actually got around to baking them, before I would always eat all the dough...(I was feeling all 'super mom-ish') 7. Bought clothes and shoes for myself and the hubby at PEP stores. Pep is like, this seriously budget store, which honestly has suddenly gotten a lot of good stuff in - and I rationalize to myself that since I'm in there for the Bubby's clothes anyway (why spend a lot when it only fits him for 5 minutes) that I may as well pick stuff up for myself aswell. Speaking of bargains...I bought a pair of boots which look like Timberland ones..., which at Timberland cost R2200.00 (around $370.00 - they don't even cost that much in the States, but we have HUGE import duties), but only cost me R99.00 (around $17!!) They have real suede leather uppers too! I just love them and they're great for bashing about with in my neck of the woods! 8. Umm, totally lose my train of thought right as I was about to say something...
Mommy 's little Angel! Having a quiet moment on the "Jolly Jumper". Note to new moms: These things are great because a) they fun AND safe and b) you get to go make a cup of tea for yourself and bubby can't get out... Can anyone see the effect I've gone for on this picture, it's a classic soap opera effect. Just think of John Black and Dr Marlena from Days and you'll realis ALL their shots have this soft whispy fuzz around them. Anyway I think it works for babies when they're SO FRIGGIN CUTE man. Today I had Nachos for breakfast, for no other reason than I really didn't want cornflakes. No I am NOT pregnant, I'm just into Nachos right now. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Well I 'm feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed again. My medication is definitely working which is always a plus! So where the heck have I been for the last week (actually two and a half...) After a large altercation with the phone company over my phone bill (which includes our ADSL) - they had completely overbilled me, charging me for two lines, as well as the installation of a second mystery line, then proceeded to tell me that I, (ME) ordered it - when the entire bill is actually in my husbands name. Anyway, I insisted they reverse the extra charges before I pay them - which led to them CUTTING our line. Yesterday, after MUCH foot stomping, they reconnected us - at which point I paid what we actually owed on the bill - and not a minute sooner! Yesterday I also took the new pup for her second round of shots - she was SO good - and it probably helped that the vet picked her up afterwards and gave her such a nice cuddle! While we were there - someone brought a cat in that they said their neighbors had abandoned when they had moved away...of course you know what happened...the cat is coming home with me this afternoon! The vet just wanted to keep her in overnight, make sure she is spade and give her shots - and then she's comin' home!! I can't think of a name for her yet, but I'm going to post pictures of her - and then you can all help name her ok? she's predominantly white, with a black head, green eyes and a few black spots a bit like a few spotted dalmation. It remains to be seen if my other cats will make friends or not!! We'll see!? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've been lying low lately -I have been diagnosed with Graves disease and the medication is making me SO tired. That coupled with looking after the Bubby, the Puppy -and all the poop that comes with both of them. Plus dealing with the Hubby, when he gets home from work tired, and even though I've been running myself RAGGED, there's even more poop on the floor, the hubby is like, "Geez babe the place is a disaster, where have you been all day? You haven't cooked yet?!" If I open my mouth at all it would be to start screaming at the top of my lungs, but knowing that I would be unable to stop and probably end up in a straight jacket. So instead I calmly get up plod along wearily and keep myself sane, by planning a list in my head of things I would need to pack if I ever left the insensitive arsehole.
Then the hubby chips in and whips round the kitchen and it's effortlessly spotless - and I remember that actually I'm the luckiest person in the world. He might be an arsehole, but he's my arsehole. FEEL (Robbie Williams)

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Here she is folks, sorry for the photo quality, it was taken with a cellphone! (I'm still waiting in anticipation for my new camera...). Yesterday, the hubby and I went to our local rescue centre. I sent him inside to choose a dog, I struggle to keep my eyes dry in those places, but after a little while, the hubby came out with a big smile on his face, and told me to go with the volunteer to see the one he'd picked out. Trying desperately not to look at all the doggies needing homes, we eventually get to the puppy section and I fell in LOVE with little "Chanel" (as in Chanel No. 5 the perfume) so pronounced, Shan-elle. We decided on a puppy, so that we can raise her with the bubby, she already loves him to bits in the 24 short hourse she's been with us. Roxy our lab is thrilled to have a pal again and is either licking her till all her hair stands up, or being a little too rough with her. I give it a week before they are inseperable. I am really impressed with this particular centre, they LOVE the dogs to bits that they have, and they refuse to put any of them down, but keep every single one until they find good homes. They even conduct visits to the home where they'll be going, so that they know they're not going to some dodgy place. They were really sad to see little Chanel go, saying, "Um, she will be allowed inside the house right?" and the hubby burst out laughing and said, "Um, well, my labrador sleeps on the bed, so I don't thing you need to worry. " They chuckled and bid us farewell. They will see her again in 6 months time when she needs to be spade. In case you are wondering, she is of no particular breed, but has the colouring of a rottweiler, with a small white striped vertically on her chest, I think there may be a pinch of border collie in her. The important thing is that she is a very loving, sweet and cuddly pet, that will give us many happy memories! Although my heart was aching for another Alaskan Malamute, I thought it would be so much better to give an abandoned animal a good life. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

Moisturiser! Moisturizer!

Well it hit 40 degrees centigrade today - I escaped to the mall into lovely air-conditioned shops, and then in the afternoon to a friends house and into the pool. The Bubby was non too impressed with the cool temperature of the water, which curbed my time in the blissful blue sanctuary, the poor thing burst out crying as soon as his toes hit the water. This is a complete turnabout to his last stint in the pool where he was in up to his shoulders and lovin' it! Anyway, however brief my time in the water it saved my sanity completely... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wouldn't it be great relaxing after a good day in the saddle training your prize friesian x warmblood dressage horses, kicking back in the hot tub, watching the horses relax, enjoying a good slightly chilled sauvignon blanc (South African of course), the live-in chef comes in to let you know that your gourmet dinner is ready once you've had your massage by hunky Swedish masseuse (Sven), your hubby gets home, letting you know that he's just made another 100 million by seeing your stock broker just at the right time, and that he's so glad you've been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Kindness to Abused Animals in the SAME year that you've already collected the Pulitzer for your saucy but gripping novel about life in a ritzy and glamorous horsey community, loosely based on fact? By the way, this is an actual horsey farm somewhere South of Austin (TX), on the market for a measely $3 900 000. Anyone want to lend me that? I'm good for it you know... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I don't have long, since our power is going off again tonight!!! ARRGG!! I am SO incredibly pissed off!! They should never have fired all the technicians for having the wrong skin colour 10 years ago, dammit! Our nuclear power station is on the fritz and aside from the imminent danger we're all in, it's friggin annoying! I am washing and sterilizing bottles like lightning every time the bubby has finished so that I have at least 5 filled with boiled cooled water in case we are in for the long haul. Nothing more interesting than that I'm is sad at the moment.