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Friday, July 29, 2005

oops forgot to post

I spent about 3 hours at the IL's yesterday copying my wedding pictures onto a removable flash drive to take home to my NON-internet PC. Sneakernet! I.e. put pictures onto disk, put on sneakers, go to other pc and load. Anyway, in all of the busyness with that, I totally forgot to post. I'm still working on the hubby about the adsl, and today I finally said, "well at the very least I must have dial-up because I need to do my internet banking etc etc" and he was like, "no, if we do it, we'll do it properly with adsl...just hang on and we'll think about it." Hee hee. We should know by the end of next week which job he's going to be starting and exactly how much he'll be earning - and then I'll move in for the kill :) I've told him so much about how wonderful all my blogging buddies are, and how cut off I feel not having access to everyone everday, and I don't want to go into a depression when the baby comes, by being stuck at home...I know I know, I'm being manipulative...but really, when a gal wants the internet...nothing else will do. My next move will probably be to tell him just how valuable the internet is in case I need to research what to do when the baby gets sick etc. (very evil grin)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bliss time

I'm really starting to enjoy slowing down and being at's so awesome being able to chill, with a cat on my lap, dog at my feet...sigh. I went to the movies by myself yesterday - and saw Madagascar - it was really cute, but I didn't think it was as good as some other animated flicks like Shrek etc. I guess I'd better get used to watching kiddie movies! Especially things like Barney and Telly Tubbies etc. I'm so upset to see what has happened to poor Hannah and her hubby - who came to SA to visit from the USA, and got stuck here longer because of the stupid idiot workers at South African Airways who are striking for higher pay. What the stupid ass workers don't realise is that the national carrier is in an already VERY precarious financial position - so they stand just about as much of a chance of getting an increase as they do of actually losing their jobs because the airline may go bankrupt. (well they'll go bankrupt with any luck). We have enough other airlines to support our domestic market, SAA can bugger off for all I care. Anyway, I just sincerely hope that Hannah & hubby managed to get back to Atlanta safe and sound.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm Ba-ack

Hey there folks - talk about withdrawal symptoms from lack of net access - and lack of access to all you cool people out there!! I finished working last Tuesday - thankfully I didn't have to stay any longer, because my colleague who walked into the tree, decided that her injuries shouldn't keep her away any longer...anyway, so I spent the rest of the week at home trying to find something to do...this wouldn't be a problem if we had net access at home. I've been trying to convince the hubby that if we did have adsl at home, then I could at least think about working from home - and making some money whilst being home with the baby...I think he might go for it. Keep your fingers crossed people - my future depends on it!!! Seriously though, I mean who in this day and age doesn't at least have dial up...? It looks like when the hubby finally starts his new job (we're waiting to hear about the outcome of 3 different interviews) that he will need to be able to log in from home anyway - so then problem solved! Yay!! I did my first creative memories class as well last week, it was great fun, I only knew two of the 7 people present, but I had a blast and decided that this really is something that I CAN do. The pages that everyone made were really stunning,and I took some pictures, so when I get around to getting them off the camera I will definitely post some! Anyway, apologies for the long absense from blogworld- for the moment I'm popping up to the FIL and MIL's house to check email and blog - since they only live like 2 minutes walk away, and even THEY have ADSL at home...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Another name for lollipop in South Africa, is, well, a 'sucker'. Which folks, is exactly what I am. A sucker.

Why? Because one of my colleagues who was due back from annual leave today - incidently, my first day of maternity leave...decided this weekend to WALK INTO A TREE. I know, and you're asking why exactly it is that I am the sucker? Well that's because the boss just asked if I could help them out this week while this person recovers...of course, I said...yes. Sometimes I am just too stupid/nice for my own damn good... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 14, 2005

T-minus....and counting

Ok, it won't be long almost 24 hrs give or take an hour or two, I'll be done working. Done, so that I can sit with my feet up, spoilt for choice as to which cat gets to sit on my lap an relax with me. Never in my life has the thought of relaxation been SO attractive. Not even when I was a student, and the long vacations stretched ahead of me do I think that I fully appreciated the value of a chance to sit on the porch and watch the bird life, watch my cats, watching the birdlife, watch my dogs watching the catlife, watching the birdlife etc you get the picture! With a nice cup of tea, or if warmer weather a tall glass of something cool. To sit there and ponder just exactly how much life is going to change in the next 4 weeks. My mind boggles at the thought of it. Yesterday when arriving at the Doc for my check up, (she is based at the hospital where i'll be having the kiddi winkle), I tried to imagine what it would feel like to be arriving... on the day of my elective caesarian. To know that in less than 90 minutes, I'd be on some operating table numb from chest down, having my baby taken out. I had a little panic attack. OH my god. I am SO NOT READY for this. SURE I'm totally ready to be on the other side of the surgical be a mom, to see my son. I just don't want to have to go through all that SURGERY!!!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHKKKKKK!!! Don't get me wrong though, the surgery is still favourable over the whole 'pushing' it out scenario - but I'm still scared SHITLESS.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well I'm back at my desk, surrounded by very attractive snotty tissues and 2 different types of non baby-harming, rather ineffectual medication. At least I don't feel feverish anymore, I think there is nothing worse than feeling cold, but actually being feverishly warm. Anyway, I went for my obgyn check up today, got to see little bubkins on the monitor again - he now already weighs 2.8kg!! Doc says everything still looks a-ok, but my blood pressure was a little elevated. Nothing to freak out about - and she's sure it's because of my throat infection. She has told me that under no circumstances am I to continue working beyond Friday though. She said that from Saturday I am to sit on my but with my feet up and be served by all and sundry. Of course I told her that this would be an extremely difficult thing for me to do, but that I would give it my best shot. I'm really glad the hubby came with to this appointment and heard that from the Doc's own mouth! Although I must admit that I think I married the most awesome man on the planet. He is SO concerned about me, and hardly let's me do ANYTHING. I'll say "babes, would you like some tea?" and he'll be like, "yes, but wait, I'll get it!" So much so that I really actually start to feel guilty at how much he is doing for me. I feel like I should be doing as much as possible for him now, because when I am recovering from the birth, he'll be having to help me too and there will be a baby in the picture as well...and I am WELL aware that neither of us knows just exactly what we are in for...BIG changes...this is what everyone says, but until we get there we just won't fully comprehend how big...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Cough...sneeze, splutter. (Pulls duvet over head)... Being sick with flu and 8.5 mths pregnant, is no laughing matter.... especially since you can't really dose yourself with medication and say good bye to the world for several days...

Friday, July 08, 2005

There is one thing that REALLY pisses me off. Ok, so maybe there are several things. But one thing that really annoys me is when people's cars give off noxious gases. It's not just the rusty jalopy's that you see on the road, but sometimes it's some rich asshole driving some ridiculously huge 4x4. I can never get my airvents shut quickly enough, and it just bugs the hell out of me that someone a) cant see to it that his car has enough oil, or is serviced regularly, and my lungs - and of course my unborn child have to suffer the consequences of these assholes actions...honestly, WHAT is WRONG with some people!!!!??? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Busy busy

Just when I think I should be winding down, I start getting busier at work, busier at home... This morning we had an open house at home, which means that our estate agent currently working on selling our house for us, had a bunch of other agents around to comment on the property and also to see if they had any clients looking for something such as our house. We still have that one offer in the pipeline, but it is still subject to the purchaser selling her house, and so far she's not had much movement...hmmm. Anyway, the feedback I got from these other agents was good - and since there were ten of them, at least if each of them only know of one buyer who may be interested, then that's ten more than what we had. I'm really impressed with our agent so far though - she's really going above and beyond the call of duty in selling our house. The funny thing was that at one point Navarre was attracting more attention from the agents than the house, "oooh your dog is just SO BEAUTIFUL!", I was like a proud strutting mom, "oh yes, he's our pretty boy yadda yadda etc" Of course then Roxy the labrador had to try and get everyone's attention by leaping onto Navarre in 'play-attack' mode - eliciting some "ooh cute puppy" remarks for her too. She just has the most beautiful personality - and BOY does she know it! Every morning now, if I wake up in the wee hours (quite literally) and if I lean over to hug the hubby, on his other side, I detect this soft furry belly and if I listen really carefully I can hear her snoring - she has managed to manipulate 'daddy' into letting her onto the bed, and she literally has her head with his on the pillow and has the covers drawn up to her chest with her two front paws sticking out the top. I mean really!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Patrotism Defined

Patriotism Defined Posted by Picasa You must all go and check out Pixy's post today - it's brilliant, and echos the sentiments of hundreds of proud South Africans. We're sick to death of being portrayed the same as the rest of Africa - we're not, and we're proud of it. South Africa is the new melting pot, the new land of opportunity and damnit that's not the way we're portrayed on CNN!! (or any other major international network...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Man, oh man, I've been trying to post all damn day, but our ISP that serves all the agencies in our group has been up to sh*t all day. It's made email and net access ridiculously slow all day! I'm getting read receipts for emails which I sent out last night. Ech...annoying. Anyway, the hubby went for that great job interview today - we don't know how it's gone, as the guy is interviewing people all week - but we should know by the end of next week. Co-incidently the end of next week is also when I stop timing is everything! Oh and by the way, I did go past that house we're after on Saturday morning and Hurray! It's still available!! I had the greatest time chatting with our friends who live in the same estate, and they were saying just how much they loved living there - and that they would let us know if anyone else looks interested in the place. Tonight we have someone else coming to see our house, with a view to making an offer - so everything looks up at the moment! Let's hope it stays that way!

Monday, July 04, 2005

My Kingdom for some comfort...and sleep

Oh my, I think that I may just be the most uncomfortable person on the planet right now...sitting, standing, lying down, standing on my head etc etc. I still have 6 weeks to go until bubkins arrives, and yet, I doubt if I will ever sleep again! Never mind that, but just sitting in my chair at work I feel like the side of a house...apparently going onto all fours is the most comfortable thing for me right now (according to countless pregnancy websites and books) but how the hell do you consult with clients with your hiney in the air? Let alone get any work done with your pc on the floor like that ;) The upside is that with my stomach squashed as flat as a pancake (although sadly not containing any) my appetite has shrunk and I've lost some more weight. I eat like 3 bites of something, and I'm full! Woo-hoo!!

Friday, July 01, 2005


Posted by Picasa Tommorrow morning I'm going to visit some friends of mine, who live in that estate where the hubby and I are wanting to stay. I know that I'm going to take a drive past that house that we want just to make sure it's still available, and also to have a little vision as to what it would be like living there, how I would paint the living room, etc etc. Considering that we have a firm offer on our house it doesn't seem like that much of an emotional risk, but until our buyer has actually sold their house, I suppose our offer isn't as firm as we'd like. Anyway, I'm still going to allow myself to dream a little dream and think positively about our future. I can just see it...the house is perfect, big enough for us plus not just 1 but 2 kids - and plenty of space for a nice size dining room table (perfect for hosting Creative Memories home classes!!), a gorgeous garden that has ample rooms for Navarre and Roxy to run around in. A stunning front garden that the cats can use without the dogs bothering them. A big double garage so both our cars have somewhere to sleep at night. Enough space in the garage that the hubby can have all his woodworking tools out and a decent size workstation. Wall to wall built in cupboards in the master bedroom - so no more arguing over hanging space! A master bathroom en-suite separate from the 'kids' bathroom.....sigh....