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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My RAK for today (if I were to have won the UK Lotto) would be to: Buy a large animal food manufacturer - produce really nutritious food, and turn it into a non-profit company by making all of the profits go towards supplying food to animal shelters & rescue centres. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lotto Night

Tonight is Lotto night here in SA, I must remember to go and get a ticket. Y'know for R2.50, (that's about $0.39 US) it is totally worth spending, for a chance to win a couple of million. I mean, I'm not one of those sad arses that spends their whole salary on the lotto, in fact I only buy one line for each draw, so R5 a week aint obsessive. But I do love to imagine what I would do with the money, if I happened to win the UK lottery. There is a draw coming up for about 33 million pounds... That's too high a sum in Rands for my calculator to actually display. The goodness I could create with that kind of cash is amazing. One of my first RAK (random acts of kindness), would be to hire veterinary surgeons at decent salaries, (so they don't all run off overseas), to work at animal shelters and rescue centres so that they are able to spay/neuter all the strays that come in. I would hire workers to go into the locations to educate the extremely poor on animal care - and provide them with free clinics where they can take their animals for immunisations and boosters etc etc I would create a horse rescue centre on my newly purchased 100 hectare ranch, to scour the countryside for the malnourished and abused horses pulling carts, and give them a home, either to retire peacefully, or be rehabilitated into an animal that can be loved to bits at a riding school. For the unemployed in South Africa, I would create a company that specialises in placing people into 'work experience' roles with large corrporates in order to provide them with valuable experience to help in their search for work. I would start training centres to teach computer skills and basic secretarial skills to people who have nothing. I could go on forever. Actually I have just given myself an idea. Everday I am going to blog a new idea under the title 'what I'd do with 33 million pounds'. You never know, maybe fate is listening. Posted by Hello

Hey! Where'd it go?

Hey, I have a post gone AWOL. See like 2 posts ago, there's a post, with no content??!! If anyone out there finds it - please let me know! If you get bizarre commentary on your milk carton it's mine!!

All better after my weekly dose of Smallville and CSI Miami!! That, and I think that my vitamins are already beginning to take effect. It amazes me how living a modern lifestyle - we still can't get all the nutrients we need, and have to resort to supplementing. I'm guessing that supplementing is the reason that the average lifespan of a human being has gone beyond 35...hmmm. Judging by this picture, I'm guessing that Mr Tom Welling, aka 'Clarke Kent' does plenty of supplementing, why yes, plenty I'm sure.

In last night's episode, Christopher Reeve made another guest appearance, looking at him now, I still see that dishy guy in the blue and red spandex, and even thought I think that Tom Welling is MORE than qualified to fill his shoes, Mr Reeve will always be the Superman of my childhood. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I have been feeling really blech today, so I decided to go for a walk down the road to the pharmacy and get some vitamins. The hubby has been on my case today about getting more clients for me so that I can earn more money. I am so annoyed with his meddling. He really drives me mad sometimes. Hello - I mean did we not have a discussion the other day about starting a family, and now you want me to take on more work and stress and have less time? I don't think so buddy. Mini gaah. Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

Loooong weekend

Friday was divine, slept late (or as late as our Alaskan Malamute would let us, before he started 'woo-wooing' to be taken for a run on the beach!). Went over to the sister in law and we had a bit of a 'crop session' for our scrabbooking while the hubby took his nephew out to a petting zoo. So he takes the poor 2 (nearly 3)yr old to a snake park. Luckily the kid has nerves of steel and even wanted to take the crocodile home with him. Managed to get 1 and a half pages done. When we got home that evening, I spent the entire evening delving into my new pc game (ok, not newly released, but new to me) called 'Empire Earth'. It is like three of my other favourites (Age of Empires/Age of Mythology and Star Craft) all rolled into one!! I was glued. (yes I am a she-geek). On Saturday, the hubby went off to the golf course, and I spent the morning glued to the laptop playing my game again, finally managed to whoop my computer opponents ass. It literally took me ages, I thought that I was going to be defeated while my little guys were running around grunting with clubs, but managed to gain ascendance during the 'Nano' age where I had cool guys running around grunting with lazer beams. The expansion pack lets you battle it out in space. I can't wait. So the hubby gets back from the golf course, and I'm like "hey honey - you're home much earlier than I expected". (me thinking it is about 11am - he's usually back at 1pm-ish), and he says, "babe, it's 4pm." My numb ass nearly fell off the chair. I had been playing that game non-stop since 7:30am. (ok, I stopped twice to make coffee). How freaky is that though?? My whole day just sucked into some kind of gaming void. So then the hubby decides he wants to play 'Alien vs predator 2' (or some dumb 1st person shooter like it) and I'm not wanting to let him have the computer!! ha ha!! Just imagine how I am going to bags the computer when we finally get ADSL at home... Sunday my mom came round for lunch, and the hubby made this fabulous lasagne, or as we like to refer to it as 'Le Zag'. He really is quite good at it - made fresh pasta as well. Guess what we're eating for the next few days! Anyway, so my mom came over with a new craft magazine for me which is great, we don't have many publications about scrapbooking here (YET), but this magazine had loads of scrapbooking inside, and also pointed me in the direction of some online scrapping shops which will come in handy when I need to deplete our monetary funds some more. For those of you who are interested check out for an online shop that specialises in South African embellishments and paper. Another good one is which I mentioned in a comment a while back.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Calm Again

Okay, okay. I got an apology. A very abject humble apology. Hey, I can never stay mad for long. So now I am calm again. Tommorrow is a public holiday - so I won't be in the office to blog, but may send through snippets via my very cool cell phone to let you know if anything earth shattering happens!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. My phone is the coolest phone in the universe. Last night I had a revelation. A light bulb moment. Fiddling with my phone as I always do, to discover new features, I discovered that not only can I sms from my phone,but that I can effectively sms to an email address. Whoah! That means that I can blog from my phone!!! No more weekend breaks!! I can blog on the go!! Ok, so my post from last night only showed up after my two posts this morning, so it may be disorientating-but it's still v cool! Posted by Hello

Test from Phone

Test to see if i can blog from my wap enabled phone. if this works, my cell bill is going to go through the roof. Gaaaah!
phew!! That was close, I nearly got caught blogging on the the husband. We generally don't see each other much during the day, he's usually down the passage. But today he needed help with some stuff, and before I could say 'oh sh*t', he was right around behind my desk to see how far I was with the stuff he needed.  Tip: if you need to flip really quickly between blogging screens and 'official' work, ALT+TAB is brilliant if you master it with your thumb on the bottom ATL key and flick the tab with your left ring finger.

So last night, was Tuesday night - which of course means Smallville night!! Also, following Smallville is another of my favourite shows -CSI Miami! It is interesting to see a 'hero' character like Horatio Cane, who is not really an Adonis of any kind still being able to pull off a totally charismatic and thoroughly cool performance, week after week as the 'defender of peace and justice!' Ok, so maybe that description is a bit over the top- but I just really enjoy the show. So last night I also finally got some chocolate in! I shared a small bag of chocolate covered gum drops called 'Speckled Eggs', which were absolutely yummy. I am sure it is this sugar (in addition to the neighbors dog barking) which kept me up most of the night. Lesson learned. NO more chocolate. Ok, maybe not. No more chocolate right before bed. I've decided not to stress about the whole have kids/don't have kids scenario. I think that to decide either way - is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and perhaps it takes more courage to decide not to - but I will leave it up to the powers that be. Posted by Hello

Fabulous Workout

Rowing Machine Posted by Hello So I went to the gym yesterday (still hadn't had any chocolate at that point), and managed to finish my cardio workout! (Woo-Hoo!), then my sister in law suggests that we try out the rowing machine... I totally enjoyed it! I managed a 7 minute stint (this is after my total cardio workout on the bike - so I'm feeling very pleased with myself at this point), and this morning I feel like a million bucks! Talk about a total body workout! I feel like I have a six pack again (under all the flab!) It really has worked all the bits of my body that reall need working, and it was fun! I will definitely shorten my cardio on the bike in order to do more on the rowing machine in future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ho hum

Well, I really don't feel like working today. I am definitely going to the gym today, it usually peps me up, funny how it takes energy, to get more energy. Cardio day today, not my favourite, but if I am going to work off all the chocolate that I am going to eat today - I'm definitely going! I've been working on some more scrapbook pages as well, but they're not totally done yet. I need more embellishments before they're done. When I am done, then I will scan one or two in, and post them, in the hopes of receiving millions of comments from adoring fans, blown away by my creative genius. ;) HA! The hubby and I had a talk last night about 'starting a family'. Not sure about this. I have just started to enjoy being married - and since we are like the last of the mohicans (all our friends are already married and starting on kiddy number 2 already), all of our friends keep saying 'don't be in a hurry - kids change your life completely' (duh!), but I also don't want to be the last to have kids, so that when my kids are 2 and running around, everyone else's will be 8 or 10 and won't want to play with the 'babies'. Am I totally nuts to think that I should be worried about this? Are there more important factors to consider...? Having said that I've just started to enjoy being married- the hubby and I have been living together for about 5 years, so it's not as if everything about living together is still new. But somehow, being married is different- and I am not sure if I just want to skip through this phase and plough headlong into the next one yet. Hmmm. I suppose that work wise I am in the right place right now, I pretty much work my own hours. Gaaah!! Indecision annoys me!! Gaah! What's weird is that I used to have this hugely stressful job which kept me away from home at least 10-12 hours a day (9 hr day plus travelling), which is why I ended up changing to this where I now work in my husbands company. But having all this newly found time, I have rediscovered that there are things in life that I like to do besides work. Like walk the dogs on the beach while there's sunlight. Like, actually have friends over for dinner on a weeknight. Like, scrapbooking. Like blogging -although that doesn't really count because I do that while I am supposed to be working. How am I going to feel if all that disappears again because I have a baby on my hip? Am I being a totally selfish cow about this?

Still holding out...

Ok, as much as I am determined to go out there and get more chocolate, somehow, I haven't been able to bring myself, to get up, go the ATM for cash, and then go and buy chocolate. Perhaps this is misguided will power appearing out of nowhere (where were you when I really needed you darn it) trying to stop me? Isn't it really cool how my ads at the top of my blog has changed to reflect my content? It's advertising peanut butter cups - yay for technology!!

Monday, September 20, 2004

Extreme Temptation

Temptation... Posted by Hello I was inspired by Leslie's post on Saturday regarding chocolate peanut butter cups. See it here. It reminded me of all the amazing chocolate that I had whilst travelling through the US and Canada. Stuff, that woefully, we can't get here in sunny South Africa. Although our own chocolate industry is pretty good, you just can't beat some things. Like, Reeces peanut butter cups, or peanut butter M&M's, (not the peanut ones, peanut BUTTER m&ms), marshmallow fluff (basically the goo you get when roasting them...bottled). Since I haven't had chocolate for a couple of weeks now, Leslie's post, had me salivating like a starving Great Dane. I am compelled to go out and get myself at least a slab, for which I know tommorrow I will be sorry, but I think that I totally deserve it today. This got me to wondering...if I deprive myself of chocolate (as I have been doing in a very poor attempt at losing weight), do I overcompensate my sugar intake in some other area, like having extra sugar in coffee etc? Or having more coffee - to replace the caffiene found in chocolate? If I am doing that...then what is the point of depriving myself of the chocolate in the first place??!! Please can anyone out there tell me!!?? This also got me to the point where I was surfing the web for chocolate pictures to add to this blog - and I found some really nice sites out there where you can buy the obesity epidemic strikes back!

Saturday Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee).

Saturday Ceilidh! Posted by Hello Well, Saturday night started out with some pro highland dancers doing an exhibition of sword dancing and other stuff. They were really good, one of the girls has been the South African Highland dancing champion for a few years running now. She really looked like she had springs in her legs. Of course with all that jumping around, she also had one of those perfect dancers' bodies. I hate her already, can you tell? Just kidding, she's actually a good friend, so I won't rag her too much :) Thereafter the rest of us folk got up to do some traditional country dancing, which is really fun! It basically consists of various patterns and sets and basically you get whirled around a lot, and the more whiskey you drink - the more fun you have! It's really one of the few occasions that I know of where young and old, male & female have fun together, dance together, drink themselves stupid together, and by the end of the evening you are saying things like 'och aye, wee lassie' and all generally trying to sound as Scottish as you can, and laughing your ass off at people who have forgotton where they hell they are supposed to be on the dance floor, and bollocksed up the whole set. It's a blast. Our clan piper, (who is married to the dancer by the way), put on an awesome display as well - he really has a good pair of lungs on him. There's something about hearing a piper, with the rain storming down outside, sipping a whiskey, and hearing the howling wind to remind yourself of days gone past, and the awaken the call of your blood. Hmmm, think I might rent Braveheart tonight...

Friday, September 17, 2004

I am so looking forward to the weekend!! We are having a bit of a party on Saturday night - not at home thank goodness, but a couple of us are getting together to have a scottish shindig, with some traditional ceilidh dancing on Saturday night - which means that I am going to duck out of going to the gym today - in lieu of all the raucous dancing that I am going to be doing!! I think it's the perfect trade-off don't you? Posted by Hello

I crack myself up.

Honestly, how wierd was I feeling yesterday! I am starting to feel normal again today. (back from outer space and all :) I didn't actually realise yesterday, just exactly how wierd I was feeling, but having read what I posted yesterday - I see that I was quite bewildered!! So dinner last night was totally delicious. I picked up a recipe from Mike Calderon of El Paso, (click on my link below that says 'Blank Media' to see it), and it was just yummy. I mean my thighs are hating him right now, and gym today will be total torture, but I say it was worth it. Also I am so pleased to see more visitors commenting on my site. It makes you feel really special that you've said something interesting enough for people to respond to! So thanks.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Twilight Zone!

Ok, I had a VERY wierd dream last night. There I was having an out of body experience, drifting around my house, which bizarrely, looked exactly like my house - where as normally, when I'm dreaming, doesn't look like my house. Anyway, so the garden becomes un-naturally bright, as if the moon had suddenly turned itself up a notch or two. So I kind of float/drift to the door - not wanting to stray too far from my body tucked up in bed, when I look outside and up into the sky... About the same height as an aircraft at altitude, I see two alien craft cruising over. Then I hear a woman's voice saying to me, "They want to know if you would like to go with them." So now I'm thinking... am I dreaming? Is this real? Are they using a woman's voice because they think it may be more calming to me? I'm also thinking - I'd love to see the universe out there, but I could never leave my home, my husband, my animals, my I reply, "No, I don't want to go with them, but I'd like to meet them." At this point my heart is pounding and I still have no idea if they're friendly or not (so far so good), and then, the next second, it is as if I am lying flat on my back looking at one of them. He is smiling at me. He doesn't look anything like the creepy grey aliens with the big black eyes, he is shaped the same as them, but his face is friendly, and (I say 'his' but not sure if it was male/female or something else), and although I can hardly catch my breath from fear, and my mind is just waiting for that calm friendly face to turn into a leer and for them to start prodding me with something horrible, When a second alien who was standing behind me puts their 'hands' on either side of my face with the finger tips just touching my chin and their palms on my ears. The hands are warm and soft, just barely touching me, and I manage to calm my racing heartbeat and study the other ones face with interest. Although I don't hear anything else, it is staring at me, as though trying to communicate telepathically, and stares deep into my eyes. I don't remember registering a thought 'received' from him, other that I didn't need to be afraid. I also get the distinct feeling that he was reading my mind, as if to get a picture of my life on this planet, and what might make me want to stay here (as opposed to going with them I guess). A split second later I am back in bed, AWAKE, and my cheeks still feel warm where the second one touched them. For a few moments I really questioned whether it was a dream, or real. Honestly, I have no idea. But I'm not going to dwell on it, just cherish it as a possibility. Smile at the memory. I tend to have a vivid imagination, so it may well have just been a very vivid dream. ??? Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Scrapbooking Bliss

I went to a crop session last night - and I really just love scrapbooking. It's so much fun, and really helps you preserve your memories in a great creative way. I was also so excited this morning when I learned that in March next year, there is going to be a Scrapbook Den University held over two days in Cape Town - woo HOO!! Yeah!! Finally we get some international input, with professional scrapbookers from the US & Canada coming over to give classes. It's quite scary how 'into' it I have become. I spent ridiculous amounts of money last night buying supplies...hmmm. Somehow, just when I think I have everything I need....I need more stuff. Then a new gadget comes out. I just can't scrap without it. Hmm.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tonight one of my favourite shows is on TV. I actually set reminders on my phone so that I don't miss it. Of course it's Smallville, and I guess I must just love it because I grew up watching the original Superman movies, and hence it's easier for me to suspend disbelief and get into the story...oh hell, who am I trying to kid - have you seen this guy!!!!?? Don't get me wrong, yes I am newly wed, and dearly love my gorgeous husband, but I repeat....have you seen this guy??!! What's great is that the hubby and I totally understand each others eye candy, just like I am glued to the screen during Smallville - he's can't take his eyes of Jennifer Garner in Alias, so hey it's all fair. So why do I suddenly feel like I should be at the gym. I mean I also want to be able to kick ass like she does!! Posted by Hello

Monday, September 13, 2004

My Fluffy Love.

Some more pics of the boy - I inserted another pic into this one in order to 'edit' out the husband - he would just die of embarrassment if he knew he was starring in one of my posts!! Posted by Hello This was such a wonderful day, never mind that I got my Blundstones soaked because my eye was glued to the viewfinder more than the approaching waves.

Gorgeous Boy

Here my gorgeous malamute enjoys the freezing water of the Atlantic near our home. He just loves to run through the shallow water and tries to entice our smaller dog into the water. I just love to watch him play in the surf, and on occasion he comes across a seal who is twice his size, and we never know if he is going to run away or if the seal is going to freak out. It's always a good outing for us! Posted by Hello

Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning - and Sebastian is where I should be... This Monday I am feeling like I should have stayed in bed. Not that I'm sick or anything, just dead lazy. We were out having lunch with friends yesterday and yep- one too many brilliantly crisp South African glasses of white wine later...oh well, its not like work is so taxing that I have no time to even blog... Posted by Hello

Friday, September 10, 2004

"You dared to wake me up for this?" Hey Leslie, this one is for you - doesn't she look a bit like Bilbo? (With the obvious exception that she looks like she is in a really bad mood?) Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Instead of a bouquet of flowers, both my matron of honour and I chose to carry candlelit lanterns through the 'mist' to the front of the church. This along with my chosen music (from LOTR 3 where Arwen is going through the forest and sees a vision of Aragorn in the future) made for quite a different type of ceremony! Of course it only took two weeks after the wedding to start hearing the grumbling from the Aunt (who was only invited because we HAD to) about how it was such a 'strange' wedding. Well I say 'Sod off Old Cow, it's my wedding, and I liked it. So there!' Posted by Hello

Not quite Galadriel, but I stuck with my Lord of the Rings theme as best I could! Posted by Hello

Wedding pics! I finally got my wedding photographs! Only a month and half after the wedding, but hey I got 'em. I ended up getting the photo shop to scan everything to disk for me, so that I can then pick out the ones that I want developed. I figure that it is much cheaper to do it this way - and it means that all the relatives that need to get copies, I can email - so they don't get their fingerprints over my nice pics. I chose not to do the traditional 'white' wedding because it's just too cliche for me. Instead, I went with a bit of a Lord of the Rings type theme, and came down the aisle preceded by mist from a smoke machine, and wearing a steel silver grey cape instead of a veil. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Whales! No, not me...

Today, is one of the most gorgeous Spring days yet!! I just drove over Boyes Drive, and for those of you who don't know Cape Town, it runs along the eastern side of the peninsula in Cape Town, against the mountain, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Today, the sky was periwinkle blue, and the water below, a convergence of aqua, cerulean blue, teal & navy. It's also whale season! Most of the upper part of Boyes drive was lined with people drawn to watching the whales while they frolic below. It always amazes me, how these huge, ancient creatures draw near to procreate, or raise their young before taking the journey north again as our shores grow colder again. I did not take this picture, I just edited it and inserted the whale, and although it gives my US & Canadian friends an idea of what it looks like over here, it doesn't really capture the beautiful colours that I saw today. Plus, I saw whales!! They were breaching right out the water and then plunging their bodies sideways back into the waves creating huge splashes. I often wonder if in their whale communities, they say, 'hey it's time to go and look at all those humans that are on the shoreline.' I am sure that deep within ourselves and whales, there is a mutual understanding, a kindred spirit, a shared genetic dynasty that diverged billions of years ago, and yet retains some kind of common extra sensory bond that draws us to one another at certain times of the year. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Moto rocks!

Motorola Rocks! Recently Motorola had a promotion on their site that if you had recently purchased (or upgraded to) the MPX 200, and emailed them the details of the phone, they would send you some freebies in the mail. I sent out the email some time back in June, and didn't really think that anything would come of it - and they totally just delivered a car charger and lanyard to me at work - how cool are they!!?? Ok, and just exactly how easy to please am I!!? But I don't care - in this day and age of empty promises I am totally over the moon with the fact that they sent me stuff for free!! Go moto!! Aside from this I just recently switched from using a Nokia phone (various models over the last 5 years) to the Motorla MPX 200. I have to say that it totally blows my hair back- and has a very cool interface with MS Outlook which I use all the time for work etc, so basically I carry my office with me in my pocket without having to lug the laptop around - it totally saved my ass when my computer crashed the other day, because I still had all my clients in my phone. Posted by Hello


c a n ' t m o v e f i n g e r s . . . Ok, so I'm being overly melodramatic. But geez -my legs!! Argh. The worst mistake I made was telling the friggin personal trainer that I used to be in training for the Olympics, because he obviously thought, "Yeah Right Tubby, let's see!" and then wacked a whole lot of extra weights on. So one hour later I'm lying practically passed out, and with a whole day of work (insert blogging) ahead of me! The hubby, was mui impressed with my efforts, so will probably get taken out for dinner...why does my mind always come back to food? It's like I'm obsessed with it. Very large cheezy pizza's...fried chicken and cream, chocoloate....huh...where am I? Posted by Hello

Monday, September 06, 2004

Great Start

I have had a great start to my week, with more bookings coming through! My gym 'follow up' to discuss my training programme, has been postponed until tommorrow, so I figure I will post a lot today, as tomorrow, my fingers may be too tired to type. Har Har. In a way I am looking forward to getting fit & trim again, but gaah! Why does it feel like such a huge effort?? Isn't that just the way of the world though, it takes 25 minutes to eat a large pizza (in South Africa, that's about a regular to you US folks), but it takes like a month of workouts to burn it off? That's not fair! Geez, now I am hungry too, where'd I put that chinese take-out menu...

Good Movie!

King Arthur Posted by Hello Wow. I really enjoyed this one! Great musical score, which really made the movie for me. The only things that really bothered me, were the cretins & philistines sitting next to me, who didn't SHUT UP throughout the entire movie. Folks, you pay enough for the ticket - why don't you watch the f*cking movie !! Gaah!! I don't give a sh*t that your popcorn isn't salty anymore, and that you have to dig right to the bottom to get more salt. I also didn't appreciate your comment that when the Saxon army fell through the ice that, "They should have stuck to the outside, it's thicker there." You live in Africa Moron - how the hell would you know that?? From your last trip to Switzerland??!! Anyway, now that that is out of the way, I really did enjoy the movie. The scenery was spectacular, and the plot itself, putting Wode vs Romans vs Saxons, was thoroughly refreshing, and a brilliant take on the 'Arthur' stories of legend. I highly recommened seeing it - of course my US friends it's probably already out on DVD over there, but it just had it's opening weekend at the box office over here - and I swear I am never going to see another movie on opening night again, because of all the annoying people that go!

Friday, September 03, 2004


It's Friday!! There are several reasons to feel great!! I have had loads of great travel bookings paid for today!! Yay!! I am going to see the new King Arthur movie tonight - I don't care what anyone says, but I love movies with an epic theme! I've been scrapbooking at work all afternoon!! I survived my fitness assessment that the gym threw at me! It was horrifying, since they came at me with this pincer like device to measure my muscle/fat ratio. But it's over now, so now I just have to face getting my programme on Monday. Luckily I am going to be doing a lot of free weights, none of that sissy circuit bollocks. I just find that the circuit is bad when you are on a machine where both of your limbs contribute pressure i.e. the leg extention, because your one leg could be weaker and be compensated for by the other - unless you have enough time to repeat the repetitions with single legs. Anyway - since I don't have broadband at home yet, guess I'll see y'all Monday morning!! Have a great weekend folks!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Verdict

Another scrapbooking image. Posted by Hello (borrowed off the net - I am not the artist who created it). I went to another scrapbooking class last night, and it really is amazing fun. You get to be creative, chat your ears off with good mates, and create gorgeous layouts for all those pictures that have been shoved in a box for the last few years. I am totally hooked. For those of interested in finding out more, have a look at or, or if you want something more local, try All of these sites have some great layout ideas, and will also explain what is required to start scrapbooking. But note, I warn you, once you have started, you will be parted from your cash faster than you can say 'scrap' because there are just so many cool things that you 'must have', and it's not that you will be suckered into buying stuff - you will just love every minute of it so much that you start to 'need' the stuff as opposed to 'wanting' it!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Live Long and Prosper!

Live long and Prosper! Posted by Hello Ok, so like WOW. Did anyone else see the news this morning??? 2 New planets discovered!! Awesome!! I just checked out an amazing virtual 'fly-by' on on their science and tech page, you can link into video clips from NASA. These planets that were discovered, one the size of jupiter and approximately the same distance from it's star as our own Jupiter, and the other, also the same size as jupiter, but 96 % closer to it's 'sun', as Earth is from our 'sun'. The scientist's believe it's surface to be rocky - for some reason this is quite exciting, I guess they feel that where there are rocks there are fossils or frozen rock or something that will divulge planetary history! I am not sure why, and the web report didn't say, but the scientists also believe that this planet (the one closer to the sun) developed farther from the 'sun' and then moved closer by some celestial event. It's so beautiful. No words. No words. Poetry. They should have sent a poet. Are they here? They've always been here.